All These Acronyms, WTF

BRB, While I look up another one

Bashar Salame
Apr 19 · 3 min read
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Every week a few letters come across my phone, computer, or television screen, and for the life of me, I can’t decipher their meaning.

I find myself spending an exorbitant amount of time just looking them up.

TMI? No? Ok, great, I’ll continue.

While reading a post last week, I came across the following sentence: HIFW, SJW, LMS.

That’s it! Really? Why?

Stop doing this, please!

It takes much longer for me to go look this up, than it will take for you to write out: How I feel When Social Justice Warriors Like My Status.

IMO, this is just blatant abuse of a social contract.

IRL, you can’t simply adopt an acronym before it has widespread appeal.

If you find yourself experiencing FOMO on what they all mean, I’m HTH.

DYK, acronyms are being added at a breakneck pace?

BTAIM, learning them all is unnecessary.

FYI, when I’m faced with uncertainty, or reluctant to look them up, I simply reply with an even more absurd acronym of my own, IDC.

Here’s an example: A friend messaged me the other day; WAYUT?

I had to look it up.

The first few results revealed Wayut to be a town in Indonesia. Only a few search results later did I come across the acronym; What Are You Up To?

Rather than replying: “Why are you asking me about a town in Indonesia?”

Google Maps, Wayut, Java Province, Indonesia

I simply replied: “SUSMAWYMM”.

After which, he messaged back: “What are you talking about?”

I responded with: “Now You know How I feel.”


Life is just becoming too complicated, and these acronyms, though well intentioned, are not helping.

All I can say is, YOLO. If you enjoy using them, NBD, have at it!

Remember, not everyone will know ICYMI or HIFW, so please show a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Well, GTG, TFR.

Acronyms in the order which they appeared:
WTF: What The F**k
BRB: Be Right Back
TMI: Too Much Information
IMO: In My Opinion
IRL: In Real Life
FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out
HTH: Here To Help
DYK: Did You Know
BTAIM: Be That As It May
FYI: For Your Information
IDC: I Don’t Care
WAYUT: What Are You Up To
SUSMAWYMM: Stop Using So Many Acronyms When You Message Me
SMH: Shaking My Head
YOLO: You Only Live Once
ICYMI: In Case You Missed it
HIFW: How I Feel When
GTG: Got to Go
TFR: Thanks For Reading


Bootleg Humor. Since 1720.

Thanks to Quasimodo

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Bashar Salame

Written by

Restoring Health — Enhancing Life Elemental * Ascent * Writing CoOp * 1 book / 2 screenplays / Beirut →Detroit



Bootleg Humor Since 1720

Bashar Salame

Written by

Restoring Health — Enhancing Life Elemental * Ascent * Writing CoOp * 1 book / 2 screenplays / Beirut →Detroit



Bootleg Humor Since 1720

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