Alumni Association Initiates Fundraiser for Infant Photo Rights

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Juliannabeth Halbert, president of Alabama’s Delta Tau Zeta sorority, is heading up a fundraiser for Infant Photo Rights, to take place in February of 2020. Halbert, A former Crimson Tide cheerleader and Summa Cum Laud graduate of their fashion merchandising program, sat down with us at a Chicken Salad Chick in Huntsville this week to share more.

“This fundraiser is really important to us moms in Alabama,” Halbert began. “I mean, particularly us moms in the DTZ alumni. But it’s not just us. The Omega Psi Alpha and Phi Alpha Chi sororities have joined us, along with several others. In fact, the only sorority organization that declined our invitation was the Ii Eta Pi sorority, not that I was surprised.”

Our reporter asked her why, in the wake of the controversy surrounding InstaBabyGate, her organization felt compelled to speak out for the other side.

“It isn’t fair, to be blunt. I mean, I already purchased a mint condition size 4T Bama cheerleader uniform for my Sadie Lynn at last year’s Wee Swap consignment sale. I can’t return that! And if our right to fill social media with our cute children is infringed upon, what are we supposed to do with all these bows?!” Halbert grew agitated as she held up an assortment of basketball sized bows made of grosgrain ribbon.

The fundraiser is set for February 18th, and it will take place at Belingrath Gardens in Mobile, Alabama. The alumnae want to hold the event early in the year so that they can use the funds to fight for their right to post Easter and Mother’s Day photographs.

For more information about this fundraiser or where you can purchase the 150.00 tickets, email Juliannabeth Halbert at

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