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It Could Be Verse

The First MuddyUm Poetry Collection

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Funny poems have been a part of MuddyUm since day one!
Possibly that’s hyperbole, but exaggeration’s fun.
Did you know that with [SHIFT+ENTER] you can do a single line?
With typographic power you can versify sublime-

Consider writing funny poems, don’t listen to the Torah.
Hogan’s sure a funny guy, but, gosh, there’s no one sorer.
Write a poem — the funny kind — for MuddyUm or else,
The world will end in fire and ice and poop and farts and oil and cake and screaming termagants, fast turtles, frost heave, alewives, traffic, and welts.

Here’s a collection of some of the poetry from MuddyUm!

Funny Poems

Some poems are funny. Some are good. These are both!

A Lighthearted Doomsday Scenario by Michael Burg, MD (AKA Medium Michael Burg)

Is it as bad as you think?

Better Poetic than Diabetic, by Marilyn Flower

A very timely response to the above prompt!

Bad Yelp Reviews in Poetry Form, by Aimée Gramblin

Bad restaurants are a different kind of Hell, suitable for the Dante of Yelp.

What’s That Smell? by co-editor Anu Anniah

Do you really want to know?

Thy Lady Noodling, by Hung Phung

Love poem to a noodle, but is it pho or ramen or lo mein? We must know!

I Wanted to Write Poetry, but It Became Poo-etry, by Salam Khan

This is a problem that happens a lot at MuddyUm.

Stuff ABOUT Poetry

Jerry Seinfeld’s New, Exciting Slam Poetry Master Class, by co-editor Sarah Paris

“I’m well on my way to a lucrative, high-demand career as a slam poetry comic — all thanks to Jerry Seinfeld.”

Nobody Wants to Read Your Poetry, Ever, by Hogan Torah

The dissenting voice! Also, fuck Bukowski!

3 Reasons I Don’t Write Poetry or Why I’d Rather Have a Bottle in Front of Me, by co-editor Carol Lennox

She starts by blaming her sister, and then it gets fierce!

6 Ways to Kill a Poet, by Christina M. Ward

If you must.

Hopefully you find this entertaining, inspiring, and maybe unnerving. Write poems that are both funny and good! We encourage that kind of thing.




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