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Why we’re outstanding in our field

Jack Sparrow look alike. This is a paid actor. We didn’t pay him. We don’t pay anyone. fanpop
many pirates laughing on a ship created by the author with craiyon

MuddyUm has been bringing you laughs since we started with the tiniest crew. The idea was simple — make people laugh. Make it easy to publish. Publish funny stuff and don’t make writers go through excessive hoops to get published. But also — publish with quality. Run the joint like a real magazine — applying real editorial skills. Help writers become funnier.

With my love of sailing, I imagined a ship afloat in this maelstrom that is Medium, where no clear and simple rules seemed to exist, and where we were surrounded by flotsam. Christening the vessel the Good Ship MuddyUm, a word play on Medium, three years ago this week, this publication was born.

Happy anniversary MuddyUm! Thank YOU for being here on this journey with me. Thank you for helping us all laugh during some very challenging times.

There was a time I did all the editing myself. I promised to publish within 24 hours. We ran some of the first independently funded paid contests for writers on Medium. We were the first to recommend writers stop using the same stock photos over and over. We were also among the first to start teaching writers to focus on becoming a top writer, and we wrote posts about why that mattered. We were quietly teaching Medium skills before it was popular to do so. Now the 1000x top writer moniker is de rigueur.

Today, we have an editorial team of 16, and we are continuing to grow. We include on our laughter payroll, funny writers from around the world, a little over 900 of them. We have about 7300 followers on Medium, and steadily growing each day.

We have what I consider some of the finest writers and editors on Medium. We are the Mudditors — the editors of MuddyUm. We are Rachael Ann Sand, Anu Anniah, T. Kent Jones, Gary Chapin, Andrew Rodwin, Amy Sea, Carol Lennox, Betsy Denson, BOFace, Lucia Siochi, Holly J See, Nanci Arvizu, Sara Zadrima, Stephanie Wilson, Toni Crowe and me. Esteemed past editors include Marie T Smith, Sarah Paris, Walter Bowne, Aimée Gramblin, Dražen? Dražen!, Greg Prince, Gwenna Laithland, and Brenda Mahler.

There are some things we do that make our publication unique. So unique in fact, that other editors, writers, and publications emulate us. We’re flattered.

Co-Editor Toni Crowe reminds me that it’s not pie. This thing that society teaches us, that tells us there is a limited source of something, and you should hoard it, creeps slowly into our psyches if we aren’t ever vigilant. Things like money, skills, talent, and laughter. She reminds me that when we shine a light brightly, others will want to come along, stand next to you and shine a light too, making the original light even brighter. Just the way Fresnel intended.

So YAY us. We are the premier place for funny on Medium, and delighted to be your comedy guardians.

Happy anniversary to MuddyUm. Thank YOU for being on this journey with me, and with our editorial team. Thank you for helping to bring more laughter into the world.

What do we do that’s so special?

We edit well

Our volunteer editors are all brilliant writers with wickedly delicious senses of humor, and passionate about our mission to bring more laughter into the world. We want all our writers’ work to shine.

We publish fast

Gone are the days when you need to wait for weeks, or months, for someone to engage with you. Our goal is 24 hours, but of course, if you as a writer are busy and can’t engage with your editorial team, we’ll go do our other life duties until you can get back to us.

We have a weekly Mudditors meeting

Many Mudditors call this meeting the highlight of their week. Anu Anniah measures its success by the level of pain in her face at the end of the meeting. Those laughter muscles get a serious workout on Mondays!

We maintain a strong editorial culture

Bhavna Narula said it best.

We are global

Having been born in and lived in North America most of my life, I can say on good authority that we North Americans tend to be overly North American centric. The truth about MuddyUm is that our editors and writers come from every continent. What makes people laugh on one continent may not resonate on another. For that reason, we rely on editors to keep us straight and only punching up, never down. We take speedy action if we miscalculate. And we’ve got eyes on the entrance queue pretty much 24/7.

We attract new readers to Medium

This is one of our proudest accomplishments. I field emails daily from accomplished humor writers who are brand new to Medium, and discovered Medium because of our reach and range in the humor writing space. This is something any organizational leader aspires to, and something that Tony Stubblebine should consider as the next version of Medium is crafted.

We have a MuddyBot

It’s a piece of AI that our technocomic Andrew Rodwin is patenting, and it does a lot of the heavy lifting, and light joking, to assist our live human editors. It doesn’t have a name yet. But it will. Oh, it will.

We have a college internship program

We just completed our first summer internship program. Three youthful, energetic and enthusiastic college students became Mudditors for a few months and continue to write comedy for the publication. They successfully created the momentum our old editors needed to continue our social media program. Kudos to Andrew Rodwin for his dedication and focus in instituting this program which will serve young writers for years to come. If you haven’t read or followed these promising young writers, you should!

Tech Stuff

Speaking on Andrew, he does a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to stats analysis for the team. Thanks Andrew! But he’s not the only one who has tech savvy, and everyone who does pitches in when it comes to spreadsheets and tracking and project management. It’s a total team effort that has us demystifying the used-to-be mostly mysterious Medium. Now Medium is only partially mysterious.

We’ve loosened our punctuation guidelines

While we still frown on excessive parenthetical and ellipses use, we have found that in some situations it’s important to the writers’ piece to leave them in. And we do still jump for joy when we see em-dashes!

We have an organized social media team

We choose pieces DAILY and promote them on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube. Our followers in these spaces are growing, providing new outlets and support for our active MuddyUm writers. We sift through all the daily submissions for the best pieces to push out into the social media world. We have a team who weekly takes turn identifying funny and favorite daily pieces from all we published that day, and posting to our media channels.

We have a newsletter team

We have been publishing a weekly newsletter with no interruptions for over a year! That’s some amazing dedication from this devoted team, which includes Rachael Ann Sand, Anu Anniah, Lucia Siochi, Gary Chapin, Carol Lennox and Toni Crowe.

We host never-ending humor prompts

They are featured as a tab on our home page for easy access. Any editor or writer can start a humor prompt that is evergreen in this space. Rachael Ann Sand started her own list of them.

We are the exclusive host for Granny Mary!

She’s old and she’s dead. She may be the only dead person writing on Medium. Rumor has it that she is related to Gary Chapin.

We have a Bootyque where you can get the coolest swag

Don’t believe me. Just ask Sarah Paris. Her MuddyUm hoodie photos are classics.

We give selected feature writers their own omnibus page

Featured writers and editors so far include Gary Chapin, Amy Sea, Carol Lennox, T. Kent Jones, Toni Crowe and John Werth. Their MuddyUm feature pages are evergreen — available forever. Or until Medium implodes. This honor goes to our most prolific and funniest writers. The two featured writers are chosen in our weekly Mudditors meeting by the collective.

We run a live Comedy Camp!

We have amazing brand art

From award winning film maker, graphic artist, writer, and all around terrific raconteur, David Todd McCarty. We are eternally grateful to him for his generosity and support of our crew. As T. Kent Jones says, there’s so much comedy behind this blue eyed cat.

Thanks David

Yes, we are requiring this branding at the bottom of all published articles. It’s not complicated, and we’ll even do it for you. Why do we do this? We have a brand, and we’re going to use it. It’s slick, it’s fun, and it’s designed to get you more readers for your work. You want that, don’t you?

We are editors who believe we all can learn to be funnier

Our editing is designed to improve the writers’ comedic voice — never to replace it. We even recently loosened our punctuation policies.

Our editors host writing retreats

The next retreat will be in May, 2023, in the Mid-Hudson Valley, New York. Co-editor Toni Crowe is our point person for this one. Reach out to her if you are interested in joining us. Space is limited, so don’t wait too long to decide.

We host an exclusive private Facebook page for our writers — the MuddyUm Outlaws

Are you in that group yet? It’s only for MuddyUm and sister publications. Leave a note if interested.

We are launching the first MuddyUm best-selling anthology

Destined to become a classic, it’s entitled, “Wouldn’t You Rather Be Laughing?” Everyone will want a copy. You’ll want it because — who wouldn’t want to boast they had the first edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul? Or purchased Amazon stock in that first year? Yeah, you’ll want this. Launch date is planned for end of October. Watch the MuddyUm home page for stories from our editors about this work of art. And this is just the beginning. We have plans for many more publications. There will be opportunities for all our writers to contribute, so watch for future calls for submissions. If you are interested in becoming an early reader/reviewer for us, leave me a note.

We have BHAG

We admit to having Big Hairy Audacious Goals. We own that every day.

We set out on a piratical takeover plan to positively infect every corner of Medium. We certainly have succeeded so far in influencing many of the writers, editors, and publications here. Whether our future is closely tied to Medium, or independently off of Medium, our intention is to create the finest humor and comedy publication available on any platform in the multiverse.

A final word

MuddyUm is so much more than the daily funny stories and comics that grace our front page. There is a camaraderie here, one that has over the months and years, created strong relationships between us. We consider ourselves family. We think of our writers as an extension of our family, and we’re all here to bring humor back to the world. We are each so grateful for Medium. It is highly unlikely that all of us would have come together in any other way.

Tagging our current roster of writers. Which happens to include Jerry Seinfeld. That’s a whole other story.

Greg Prince kathryn donahue Zack Alan Adam Robinson Amy Strommer Ariana Seymourian Ben Lyday Chris Eno McMahon Dražen? Dražen! Eshal Rose Jadyn Mardy Jake Russell Jerry Seinfeld Kyra Anderson Lisa Bolin Laurel B. Miller Laura Berlinsky-Schine Liz Stanek Luke Streich Matt Youth Stephanie D. Lewis Bonnie Joy Sludikoff Otis Adams Pamela J. Nikodem, MSED Pedro Escudero Aphinya Sara Zadrima Scorpio Poetry Shaqib Akram Sianna Lani Hans-Manuel de Biekieper Jack Sutherland Megan Oliver Gregory Prince A. Christine Myers A.H. Faiz Alice Alan J. Schwarz Aaron Kemp Aaron Atkins Abaks Abhishek Amy Sea Ada Ling Ian Murphy AJ Schwartz Adan Kovinich Adela Adeline Dimond Andrew Hutchinson Adrienne Koziol Shourya Agarwal Aggee K. Alice Goldbloom Jessica McMillan Aikya Param Aimée Gramblin Akos Peterbencze Alan D Al Boyle Aldric Chen Alexa V.S. Alyssa Nicole Maaño Lady Alethea Alexander Yung Cassandra DunnAlexander M. Combstrong Alex O’Connor Alex Steullet Ali Hall Ardsheer Ali Alice Cimino Alice Taylor CVACC Alice Toneatto Aliou Sidibé Alisa Childress Alissa King Aliza Rosenfelder Allan Milne Lees Allen R Smith Roo Nesmith Alma Meek Amanda Kay Oaks Amandeep Ahuja Amber Blaize Amber Radcliffe Ambrose Tierney Amy Colleen An Nguyen Ana Krajinovic Anastasia Forrest Anastasia Petrenko Andrew ChoAndrew Rodwin Andrew Poletto Andy Meholick Anna da Silva Anna S. Andrews Anna ES Anna I. Smith Anna Jadow Anna Powers Anne Emerick Anne Spollen Anthony C. Fireman Anthony Williams Tonia Nem Thanos Antoniou Antony Pinol Antony Terence Anu Anniah Anupam Chugh Adrienne Parkhurst Allison E Peteka A. Michaela Hamm (Pronounced: Mee-kel-uh) Aql Abishek Raj Riku Arikiri Armando Batista A. S. Deller Ashfia A. Ash Jurberg Ashley Nicole Ashley L. Peterson Jimmy Cooke A Stranger Haven Aswin Aubrie Williams Audrey Clark Audrey Malone Audrey Stimson Augustine Habenga Austin Adams Anshu Kumari Edward Anderson Lindsay Rae Brown Avia Sky John Bullock Baqsam Behbehani Barbara Andres Barb Dalton 🇺🇦 Barry Knister bakagaijin Bashar Salame Sebastian SD Bill DuBay Jr. Bella Chaffey Ben Ho Ben Kissam Benjamin Rietema Guragain BP Bernie E. Robert Betsy Denson Bev Potter Bhavna Narula BichoDoMato Bill Gold Bill Scott Billy Hartong Bingz Huang Binit Acharya Ash Bjorn Sorensen Bebe Nicholson R.D. Zaha Blessing Oluchukwu Awamba Brenda Mahler Alex Boast Bob Merckel Bob James Bob Payne Bob Walter Underwood Bogdan Tiganov Cara J. Stevens Brad Brad Snyder Bre Venanzio Karen E Brewer ✨ Bridget E Webber Brinda Koushik | Copywriter | Mom | Avid Reader Brooke Ramey Nelson Bruce Brill Brynn Mahnke Gregory A. Austin Helen Cassidy Page Scot Butwell Benny Carts Cam Calaif Parks Can Durmus Cara Harbstreet (She/Her) Caren White CarenWrites Carlo Zeno Carlyn Beccia Carole Tansley Caroline McQuade Carol Lennox Carolyn Riker bill carrera Catherine Weingarten Cathlyn Melvin Darren Richardson The Celtic Chameleon Charan Pandher C Hardin Hansen Charlene Marron Charles H. Roast Charles White Charlotte Murphy Chelsea Rose Chris Donovan Chris J. Kowalski Chrissie Powers Christine Anderson Christa Kiesling Christian Thom Christina Barber Christina Berke Christina Sng Christine Schoenwald Christi Wadle Christopher Shelley Chris Zappa Charles McDonald Chuck Miller Danni Pelcher Christy McNally Colleen Wright Greg @Colmachine Colm Clark Coneilwriter Connie Song Avery | Content Milkshake Alex Cooper Cornelius Stevens Corrie Alexander Courtney Essary Chris Parent Craig Tyson Adams CreatedByDaphne Cristina R Peter Crowe dan boxer Darren Brown Daniel Williams dan brotzel Daniel Caruana Smith Daniella Mini Danielle Baldock — Writer Danielle Loewen Daniel Barry Danita Hall Danny Conway Dansky Dan Danny Neary Darby Days David Martin Darren Richardson David Asch Dash MacIntyre David Pahor David B. Clear David Fixter David Majister David Milgrim David MokotoffDavid Todd McCarty Debbie Walker Debdutta Pal Deborah Horton Deborah Weir Deeksha Agrawal Denise Shelton Devon Wells Dhanush Kaluvala Adam, Diabetic Cyborg Diana Bernardo Diana Hawk Divyansh Raghuvanshi Wicked Diya Saini Doug Keeports D. K. Harmony David Leibowitz William (Dollar Bill) Mersey Don Akchin Don Be Don Feazelle Doran Lamb Dorothyanne BrownDorothy Rosby Drama Llama Katherine Ortega Courtney, PhD Drew Patty Lord Dukes de EnferJohn King Seamus Easton Ed Matthews Eddie Becker Ed ErgenzingerEdward Robson, PhD, MFA Edward John Emily Green Eileen Vorbach Collins EJ Syu Elle Chapeau Elizabeth Bolton Elizabeth Crane Fleming Elizabeth DawberElizabeth Thompson Elizabeth Simone Ellen Eastwood Elle Rogers Ellie Salvaje Ellyn MendenhallMax Klein Emerson DameronEmily Jennings Emma Clarke Emma Webster Emme Beckett Emilia Smith Erica N Ed Newman Eric FilipkowskiErika Wenstrom Erik Burger Erik Brown Erin Singh Ethan Taylor Evamarie Augustine Evan Hundhausen Evan Kinzle Evan Wildstein Evelyn Martinez Eric Pierce Executive Assistant Terra Shae Karolína Fialka Speaking Fiction To Power Nihan Kucukural Christina M. Ward Heather Rugile Franco Amati Frank Optional Frank T Bird Mwanikii Fred Ermlich Freeman Scott Carissa Rae Gabriela Francisco Gary Janosz Gary Chapin Gregory Berry G Correia Gregg Diller George Mullen Gwen Irwin PegMeg Cypher Gen Giulia Tracy Jenkins Gill McCulloch Ginger Henry Kuenzel Giorgos Pantsios Madeline McEwen Gretchen Lee Bourquin Jonica Bradley Gorglmao Gracia Kleijnen Greg Rasmuson Gregg Siegel Gregg DillerGreg Graham Rozali Telbis Gwen Summers Gutbloom Gwenna Laithland Reginald Ben-Halliday Hammad A. Khalid Hank Hank Eng Hannah Altagracia Hannah FurstHannah K. Allen Harley Jane Harlow Journey Humaira Iqbal Phyllis Haynes Loren LieberthalHeather L Huffman Heather S. Wargo Heidi Franklin Michael Whalen Erin Hendriksen Henry Godfrey-EvansHenya Drescher Hari Sudhan Ajin Heather Jauquet H. L. Warren Hogan Torah Hollie Petit, Ph.D. Holly Jahangiri Hope Hewlett Patterson Linkwater Rebecca Anderson Will Hull Ija Mei Ida Adams Alo James R DuncanIngrid L. Williams Paul Coogan Ioana Somi irene tassy Isla Alexandra Winter Kevin Lee Ivana Klara Iva Ursano J.A. Becker Jack Clune Dr. Jackie Greenwood JACLYN GOLDSTEIN Prav Jagwani Jessica Conaway James Marinero James Tierney James Morris, D.Min.James Garside James Klein James Marinero Jim Farina Jamie Lou Janeen Kilgore Vee GoldmanJane Vogel Jane Vogel Janice Arenofsky Janie Emaus Jen North Jared Cappel Jared Waltzer Jason Bentsman Winifred J. Akpobi Jayanti Bhasker Jay Dee Jayden O’Neil Jaye Frances Jay Krasnow Jayla Sun Jay Sizemore Jared Bouchard Jack Jim Ryan Jean Campbell Jill Ebstein Jeffrey Radhaus Jen Marie Wiggins Jennifer Jennifer Marla Pike Jenny Justice Jesse Ya Diul Jessica Lim Jessie Waddell Jessica Trésor Jill Reid Jill Veldhouse J.A. Taylor Jim Farina Jimmywayne FordJim Nolan J.J. Pryor Jennifer McDougall JM Miana Gaurav Jain Joanna HendersonJoanna Simoens Joe Luca Joe Duncan John Coulbourn Johnmark OdoyoJohn Werth Jordan Geiger Jordan Mendiola Josephine St John Josh Getman Joshua CronkhiteJoshua Theodorus Kurnia Jeremy Scott Judith Deborah Judy Millar Julie Amidon-Conklin Julie Pouliot Julis Rei David L. Justine Reed Kallie Allen Karen Lappa HaasKarlo Tasler Camille Prairie Karthik Raj Kass C.G., LMSW Kasun Ranasinghe Kate Guerrero Kate Sutherland Katherine BellantoneKathleen Murphy Katie Michaelson Kati Pierce Katharine Cocherl Kayla Dunham Kathryn Dillon Keith Dias Keith HoffmanKelley A. Mussler Kenny Johnson Kent Clark Kerala Taylor Kevin King Pat Smith Kim Funk Kim IcmatKim McKinney Nuva Loreni Jen Kleinknecht Kyle Gerstel (KMG) James Knight A Nkeonye Judith Izuka-Aguocha Steven Koprince K.P. Kris W Leon Kris Benevento Krista Brown Kristen Stark Kristi Keller Kristine Laco Kristy Lynn Krupesh Raikar Kris Downey Kyle L Smith Kylie Craft Kyrie Gray WhatTheZem Laina Stanford Lara Starsearch L.A. Strucke Laura Belle Laura BoschLaura Cooper Laura MohseneLaura Nordberg Laura SkopecLauren Salkin Laurie Livingston Nave Leslie Wibberley Law Koger Lazarina Stoy Leah Dedmon Lee Serpa Azevado Ruby Lee Lee Cray Chelle Licci Lisa Cowan Liv PasquarelliLee J. Bentch Lisa Tomey L K Smithe Lon Shapiro Lore Tarau Lori Welch Brown Lori GLouis Petrik Lucia Siochi Lucie Frost Luke Wiese Lynn I. Hsu Mackenzie Madeline Harding Malky McEwan Mallika Vasak M.A. Mercier Manasi KudtarkarManoj Surya Manu Chatterjee Marc Escudie Marcia Kester Doyle Marco Andre Marco Gutierrez Marek Veneny Margot Q Mariana Vargas Marianne Curan Marie T Smith Marilyn Flower Mark McMillion Mark Farnsworth Mark Eric Cohen Marla Bishop Marla Bishop Marta Michalek Marty Schafer Marthea Webber Marya Jones Barlow Mary Chang Story Writer Mary DeVries Mary Nguyen Mathias Barra Matt Tantillo Matt Poland Matt Inman Matt Lillywhite Michael Boyle Michael Burg, MD (Satire Sommelier) Elle Fredine ashwin jain Jeffrey Harvey Meghan CookMeghan Madness Michele Schultz Melissa Balick Melissa Bee Melissa Kerman Melissa Moran Mentality MarieGunner Barrett Mark Tulin Myk Eff Michael Savio Michael Kellman Michael Leonetti Michelle A. Cmarik Mickey Snowdon Michael Horner Mike Hale Mindi BostonMindsmatter MaryJo Wagner Malik R. Robinson Matt Butner Matthew Thiele Molly McCaffrey Mona S Gable Aaronstrom Morten Waage Paul Alexander Mark Armstrong Ms. Part Time Wino Anna Marques Fred Mwongella naddine luci Napoleon Nanci Arvizu Naomi Bergner nareeta martin Natalie Frank, Ph.D. Nchewi Edu Neeramitra Reddy Neha Seenarine An Nguyen Nick Carter Nick Ceschin Nick Elnor Nicole Akers Nicol Valentin Nina Greimel Nina Hemart Nitya Pandit Nathaniel Brown Noah Lorey Noel Cabacungan Nolan Yard notes x neets Not quite Steve Fisher Nusrat Nisa Zach J. Watson OinkOink Nikola Ojdanić, Ph.M. Tom McLaughlin Olivia Rojas Ossai Ceejay uneditedstoriesPamela A Meyers Pam Gaslow Papa CJ Sarah Paris Patrick M. Ohana Patrick Metzger Patrick Flynn Paul Em Paul H. Harder II Paul Razzell Robert Sedam, DVM Payton Burdette Peggy Gillespie Hazelwood Philip Kean Peter John K Peter Smyer Jr Phil Rossi Hung Phung Phoenix Huber Katherine Pollock PJ Jackelman Philip Ogley PlainTalkBadManners P. L. Goaway Kristina Segarra Polojko Priyanka Srivastava Pretheesh Presannan Profile P Philip S. Naudus Peter Bates BOFace Quiet Cacophony Rachel A Fefer Rachael Ann Sand R Bittner Rachel Marsh Rachel Reyes Radha Kapadia Rachel Marr Rebel Raine Regi Brittain Reni Jane ren the house hen Steve Hancock Rick Post Richard Leslie R.L. Morgan Rory McNab Robert Bush Robert Busch Robert W. Locke Robin Hinkley Robin Christine Honigsberg Robin Klammer Rob Janicke Rob Rooney Rodney LacroixRe’al Bakhit Ronald FranklinRoz Warren Rowen Veratome Robert Gomez Robin RibackRui Alves Russ W Russ JosephsRyan Frawley Ryan Glenn Ryan Miller Ryan Fan Ryan Lark S.A. Ozbourne Sabana Grande Salma Alaa Sam Battrick Sam Miller Samuel Jaye Tanner Sandi Parsons Christine Graves sappgregg Sara Becker Sara Dagen Sarah Marie Sarah Totton Sarah Myers Courtney BurrySarah J. Baker Sarah Lau Parker Sasha Doyle Saving ClaritySam Bahour Cornelius Schmeckelman Scott Tarlo Sean Kernan Sebastian Ruf Holly J See Selene Bey Sarah SimonShabaira Junaid Andrea A Shahzeb Iqbal Shaista Shanker Mahadev Shanna Dean Shanna Loga Shawn Berman Shay Michael Dr. Shiza Mumtaz Sheila MusgroveShelly McIntosh Sherrye Richardson Sherry McGuinn Sheryll James Shireen Sinclair Somsubhra BanerjeeShreya Badonia Shreya DeodharShruthi Sundaram Shweta Shenoy Simão Cunha Smillew Rahcuef Cindy Shore Smith Drew Elliot Sohail Ali Someone Who is Not an Expert Rachel Presser Carl L Lane Sorcha Monk Priya Ramachandran Srini Samuel Sullivan Stacey Christiansen Stacey Curran Stefan Grieve Steffany Ritchie Stella Brüggen Stella Jerie Stephanie Berryman Stephanie Leguichard Stephanie Wilson Stephen Dalton Steve Hall Steve B Howard NOVELIST S Q Steve Wyatt Sticky NameSanne Touloukian Stuart Grant Andrey Anisimov Robert Hoffman Susan Alison Susan Bostian Susan McCorkindaleSushmita Singh Susie Kearley Suzan Dalia Christian Svanes Kolding Susan Randolph Greg Rosenthal Margaret’s Reflections Tammi Brownlee Tammy J Patton Tapan Avasthi Tara Purswani Taylor Ashley Taylor Johnson Terianne Falcone Terry Barr Shubham Thakur Walter Bowne Aaron NicholsWhitney Blaine Allison Cecile Derek Bremer Shannon CarpenterThe Ink Rat The Maverick FilesAnurup Mukherjee Noah Levy R P Gibson Suraj Ghimire Tom Navratil Tim Ebl Tina L. Smith T. Kent Jones taylor viens Tobias Raine Todd Cardon Toni Crowe Toya Qualls-Barnette Tracy Luk Tracy Stengel Travis Ludvigson Trisha Ready Trish Arrowsmith Marla J. Albertie T.S. JohnsonTerry Trueman Tülay Dilmen TY Liao U-Ming Lee Unique WriterCalum James Rachel LynnUpen Singh Fabiola Gallerani, Ph.D. K. Barrett Verity Simmons Veronika Jel Vic Pinto Victoria A. FraserVinicius Monteiro Vinni Chiocchi Walderwick Lila Peachy Josh Wann Wendy Scott Wendy Snyder Barbara Borzi Wesley Owens Sam Westreich, PhD Nathan White Scott Younkin William Sidnam Will Russell Winter Wrights Thomas Greene October J. Chirag George Dillard Worrickjk Esther Thomas Camden Wyon Stansfeld Lisa Alexander Jane Doe Christine Stevens Yasmine Ghattas (@yasmineghattas) Yan Huang Zachariah Maximillian Zarina Braybrooke Zena Comics Warren Turner Lisa S. Gerard

Susan B wrote and edited her first comedy publication in third grade. The Spitball Special was her first entrepreneurial venture. It earned her 47 cents and paid for 47 pieces of candy, forming the basis of realistic expectations for financial success on Medium.

Read other writings from Susan here:

Click it. You know you want to. Art work by David Todd McCarty



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Susan Brearley

EIC-MuddyUm-Contemplate. Serial Top Writer. Writing comedy since Age 3. Founder, Garden of Neuro Institute-global space for women's agency and leadership.