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My Brain Likes Typing More Than My Knees Like Being in the Dirt

MuddyUm is a retirement gamechanger

A photo of Playmobil toys against sand. A covered wagon with red wheels and a water barrel is pulled by 2 horses. The toy drivers, both pale-skinned, are a man with a long gun and a female whose head is turned towards the viewer. She’s smiling.
Wagons ho! Image by Peter Hauschild from Pixabay

It feels odd when people start assuming you’re humorous lateish in life. I’ve always identified as weird, not funny.

Early on, I moused around gloomily, sure I’d die before Y2K. In an earthquake. But this moody, introverted…




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Holly J See

Holly J See

Excellent at Wordle & Sedecordle (I quit Octordle, in protest). Editor fairy & MuddyUm co-editor. Former editor at a national healthcare consulting firm. 🐩

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