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Once Upon Timer There Be an Adult Fairy Farce About Wordle

Fresh dreck for your brain & mouth

At center foreground is a long-haired, red-lipped woman. She wears a bright red hooded cape. Behind her, against a dark woodsy background, is a wolf-like dog, with pink tongue lolling out.
Small Ruddy ‘Riding Cowl with faux wolf.’ Photo by Šárka Jonášová on Unsplash

What’s up with Wordle stories containing mostly words you can’t enter daily? That’s no way to train your brain for play. Sleep city. Not so, below. Awake & smell daisy.

RECAP of rules in A Wordle Brain Prompt Promo Tease




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Holly J See

Holly J See

Excellent at Wordle & Sedecordle (I quit Octordle, in protest). Editor fairy & MuddyUm co-editor. Former editor at a national healthcare consulting firm. 🐩

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