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Should I Adopt a Pen Name, Otto Phil?

He’s the editor fairy’s imaginary trans alter ego

Noir background with a sexy car at lower left, upon which a curvy blonde is leaning. She rocks shoulder-length wavy tresses and black underwear with garters and black hose and is sexily peering at you over her librarian-like eyeglasses.
Otto Phil likes this sexy auto image by Ralf Seemann from Pixabay.

After dreaming up Otto, I’m now following a “cultural anthropologist and creative leader” named Philip Otto on LinkedIn because of his name. Aha! Philip Otto is on this platform too, barely.




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Holly J See

Holly J See

Excellent at Wordle & Sedecordle (I quit Octordle, in protest). Editor fairy & MuddyUm co-editor. Former editor at a national healthcare consulting firm. 🐩

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