The Great Grammar Showdown

Pro Writing Aid v Grammarly- Winner Takes All

Ash Jurberg
Jun 8 · 3 min read
Two Muay Thai boxers fighting
Two Muay Thai boxers fighting
Photo by Pablo Rebolledo on Unsplash

In the left corner, we have the reigning champion and World Number one- the Evangelist of English, the Sultan of Sentence Structure, the Plagiarism Pugilist, the Apostrophe Assassin — Grammarly!

In the right corner we have the challenger, the up and comer, the Aid with the Hand Grenade, the Tools to help Fools, the Thesaurus that’s all for us, the Pro that’s all dough and no show- Pro Writing Aid aka PWA!

Today is the battle for Grammar superiority- the title of the Tool Titan, the true owner of the red line that appears under Ash’s misspelt and poorly constructed sentences.

Let’s get ready to wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrite.

Ash has started typing, and already there are a few errors. PWA jumps in first suggesting passive voice, Grammarly skipped that, and it looks like an early blow for the challenger.

What’s this now — Ash has copied something from another website …he’s pasted it — this is apparent plagiarism — and…oh…yes Grammarly quickly onto it — the dreaded big, bold red line appears. The champ won’t give up this title without a fight.

Speaking of titles- it seems, there is no subtitle. That’s right folks, no subtitle- will either of these tools pick this up? Indeed they can- they are both Professionals. None of this free basic stuff. But….ohh they have missed this.

They are so focused on each other they have missed a simple error. Really expected more from these paid versions.

It looks like Ash has now added an extra period in his latest sentence as his clumsy fingers bash away on the keyboard and both tools jump straight onto this at the same time. We might need a slow-motion reply to see which one got in first.

No time though as the writing continues, Ash aware he needs to get to the optimal seven-minute reading time, which he thinks is too hard for a humour piece…and Grammarly has jumped in and changed his Australian spelling to the US spelling of humor.

WOW! PWA has jumped straight back in and changed it back to humour. Now its humor. Back to humour.

Humor. Humour. Humor. Humour.

The changes are coming fast and furious. Ash is getting very confused as they clearly contradict each other, and he just wants to move onto the next sentence. But he does like the fact he is padding out his word count.

Grammarly has called for a Time Out and wants the ref to adjudicate.

The crowd waits in anticipation. Ash gets his fourth cup of coffee for the morning. The ref…. gives it to Grammarly! It’s USA English for the win with this decision. Could that be the decisive knock out blow?

Back to the writing, we go — the informal way this article is structured is causing headaches for both as they try to decipher exactly what the author is going for. Em dash — to space or not to space. PWA wants a space, but Grammarly doesn’t think this is needed. Either way, this is undoubtedly a high scoring game as the errors are mounting and both tools want them rectified.

PWA is not happy with the readability and Grammarly seemingly in agreement saying the tone is too informal. Neither have a sense of humor..humour…. neither know what is funny, so let’s press on.

The frequent misplacement of apostrophes is causing havoc as they both agree with Ash’s ninth-grade English teacher that he can’t write and it’s like the Red Sea at present there is so much being underlined.

Wait — PWA has changed that to it is. But Grammarly wants it’s. Surely they both can’t be right. Maybe they can.

No- this time the ref awards it to PWA and as Ash runs out of ideas, this bout will come to an end with the competitors seemingly even.

Ding ding ding.

The microwave sounds to indicate lunch and the end of the bout. Who will be crowned the winner? Who will have sole domain on Ash’s writing?

And the winner….by unanimous decisions from all judges is….

MICROSOFT WORD spell check!!

Wow. Who expected that?

Knot mee.


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Ash Jurberg

Written by

12 x Medium Top Writer. Hall of Shame column for Better Marketing.



Infecting the World with Humor

Ash Jurberg

Written by

12 x Medium Top Writer. Hall of Shame column for Better Marketing.



Infecting the World with Humor

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