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Delphi, is it OK if I copy Smillew Rahcuef’s kicker?

What Is the Sound of One Hand Clapping?

A symphonic thought experiment in Zen major

Ugh! Had to do a second photo to get a preview pic. Can’t this be automated? Photo by isco on Unsplash

So I missed the deadline for the MWC LAZY contest. Deadline, shmeadline.

Also, I’m supposed to put a storyboard link thingie here for the contest. Yes, some twenty-something Product…




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a man and woman smiling and chatting and shaking hands with a writer

An Infinity of Lost Voices  —  Scenes 13 to 15 (Read in Any Order)

Night club scene, dancing, music.

I Asked A Bunch of ‘Self-Help Haters’ to Rip Apart My Articles

Are You There,911? It’s Me, America.

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Andrew Rodwin

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