Woman Quits Job to Watch Strangers’ Stuff While They Run to the Bathroom Full Time

Emma Webster
Nov 27, 2019 · 2 min read
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

#Givingback. What a true example of the holiday spirit! This week it was reported that Courtney, 27, has left her 9–5 job as a senior engineer at Uber to watch strangers’ belongings in cafes while they use the bathroom.

“It was becoming too time consuming,” Courtney said, “I would sit down for a cup of coffee at lunch and within minutes a stranger is asking me to watch their stuff while they use the bathroom. Next thing you know, someone else sees this interaction and gets the same idea. I’d sometimes take three hour lunches just to keep an eye on everyone’s stuff!”

Courtney told us she’s always been a generous spirit, so the career change should come easy to her.

“We donated cans of old beans to those big bins every holiday season growing up,” she says, “so I’ve always known the importance of giving.”

When asked if she would be operating exclusively in cafes, Courtney grew excited.

“I’m actually thinking of expanding!” she said. “People ask me to watch their stuff at airports a lot too, so I’m thinking of adopting that into my rotation. I think it’s just my face that really allows me the gift to do what I do — people see me and they can tell I’m trustworthy.”

Finally, Courtney shared with us what makes her so passionate about watching other peoples’ belongings.

“There’s nothing like the look on someone’s face when they come back to the bathroom and their laptop is right where they left it,” she said. “They don’t usually say ‘thank you,’ but I can see it in their eyes that they’re grateful for me. I’m blessed.”

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