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Mudley Token: Handbook

Getting Start:

  1. Stellar Wallet
  2. Add Trustline
  3. Solana Wallet
  4. Register with

Stellar Wallet

Step 1: Go to website

Step 2: Select “Use Stellar” tab on the top of the website and click “Account Viewer”

Step 3: On the Account Viewer Page — Click “Generate key pair for a new account”.

A caution will be shown, read it and then click “Continue”

Step 4: Public Key and Secret Key will be generated.

  • A Public key is like your bank account number — you can share it with anyone who want to transfer XLM to you.
  • A Secret key is like your pin number of ATM — “Don’t share it with anyone, store it in a safe place and Don’t lose it”
    **If you lose your Secret key, there is no way to bring it back. Lose Secret Key = Lose all the money in it**

Read all the cautions and then close the pop-up window.

Step 5: In Account Viewer Page, select “Connect with a secret key”.

Read all the cautions and then click “Continue”

Put in your secret key to log in to your Stellar Wallet. Then click “Connect”.

If you log in correctly, the page as follow will be show:

Step 6: In order to activate your Stellar Wallet, you need to send at least 1 Lumen(XLM) to your Public Key. We will use BITKUB exchange as an example.

Recommendation: Buy 2 or more Lumens because we need 1 for activate Stellar Wallet and 1 to add trustline with Mudley.

Then transfer it to your Stellar Wallet. Put your Public Key in the XLM Address and put “0” for the XLM Memo.

Now your Stellar wallet will be activated.

Add Trustline

We will use Lobstr for an easy use. This is a third-party developer who develop on Stellar Network. You can use it through website or download the app in your mobile phone.

You need to create a new account with lobstr, in order to start using it.

Then log in to your account. Now go to setting.

Then connect your wallet with lobstr by using your Secret Key.
Write down your Recovery Phrase, which is needed to recover access to your account in case of a password loss or if your phone is lost or stolen. The word order is very important.
You are the only one who has access to the Recovery Phrase. LOBSTR do not store your Recovery Phrase on our servers, nor do we have any access to it.
LOBSTR will NOT be able to display the Recovery Phrase to you again.
It is important to store the Recovery Phrase securely since anyone knowing it gets full control over your account and funds.

Step 2: Open the “Assets” page

Use the search at the top of the “Assets” page
Search for MUDLEY token by the asset domain (e.g., the asset code (e.g. MUDLEY) or the asset issuer’s public key (e.g. GBEPESVMNKFMJFMC55QUSB45EIWTFMNOJLTQ57TNZBOK5UXUNIW3Y2EQ).

Solana Wallet

Go to website and add the extension to your browser (suggestion: Google Chrome)

After you add the extension to your Google chrome browser you can access phantom through the icon upper-right corner of your browser.

Click Create New Wallet

It will pop-up a recovery phase. Secure it in a safe place and set up new password. Now you can open the app through the icon on the upper-right corner of your browser.

Click Manage token list and search for “SERUM”

Now you can receive Serum through this Solana Wallet.

Register with

Go to website and sign up a new account.

- For Stellar Wallet, fill in your public key.
- For XRP Wallet, this is optional.
- For SRM Wallet, fill in your Solana Wallet address.

Now you are all set !




Mudley token is built on a Stellar Network. As an activity-based token, supply of the token will increase every month from user’s specified activities. Dividends will be created by the Kid Box AI and paid monthly to token holders in a form of major cryptocurrency.

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Mudley Token

Mudley Token

Mudley token is built on a Stellar Network. As an activity-based token.

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