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4 min readJun 21, 2019

15th June 2018 was when we first started working on Mudrex with the single mission to democratize trading and investing. We wanted to give our users access to cutting edge tools, products and services that till now are only available to folks at trading institutions and large funds.

We first wanted to solve problems for our traders by helping them automate their trading and launched the Mudrex Visual Strategy Editor- a revolutionary drag and drop tool to help build your strategies in mins instead of hours and without writing code. Along with that we also gave users accurate market data, a blazing fast backtesting engine and a simple API key based integration with exchanges.

Since launching publically in Feb 2019, we have had traders test over 25,000 years of backtesting data and~5Mn USD traded.

A year later now we are exhilarated to announce the launch of our first product for investors: The Mudrex Marketplace.

PS: Make sure that you scroll till the end for a special surprise!

What is the Marketplace?

Investing is broken. Retail investors at best just have access to low performing mutual/index funds and are never able to get consistent gains like professional traders and hedge funds. Trading by yourself is a fulltime job and requires time and patience.

Mudrex Marketplace changes this.

Mudrex is on a mission to democratize finance and financial entrepreneurship!!!

- Alysia Silberg, General Partner at Street Global Venture Capital

A snapshot of the marketplace

Marketplace lets anyone invest in top performing strategies made by pro traders. Using Mudrex an investor can:

  • Test the trading strategies on historical data before choosing to invest
  • Invest directly from their own account by connecting their order only API keys from exchanges like Binance/Bitmex
  • Go live by paying a flat monthly subscription fee

Every strategy on the Marketplace is verified by the Mudrex Review Council and tested for validity in the conditions described by the creator. Users have direct access to the creators themselves on our community channels.

Some early results

Marketplace launched in beta on 2nd June and we are already blown away with the response. Below are some quick stats:

  • # of strategies on the marketplace: 8
  • Cheapest strategy: USD 5
  • Most expensive strategy: USD 800
  • Max Profit: 82% in 3 days
  • Max Loss: -11% in 8 days(this strat is now in profit)
  • % of runs in profit: 73%
  • Average Profit Generated: 6% in 8 days => 273% Annualized!
Results for one of the most profitable strategies

How can you invest?

The Marketplace is a platform built for investors. We have made it super easy for you to test every strategy and validate results before you invest. Just follow the steps below:

Pick your strategy

The first thing to do is to select a strategy you want to invest in. We have multiple strategies listed on the platform that work across different assets, timeframes and market conditions. You can pick any strategy on the marketplace and run a backtest on it for free! See the results and once you are confident go ahead and subscribe to it.

Add your API keys

Mudrex Marketplace is the worlds first investment platform that does not require you to transfer your funds to it before you trade. You can directly connect your exchange API keys and start trading. The funds are always in your control

Go live!

Once you have added your API keys, all you need to do is decide an amount you want to allocate and go live!

If you need any help in deciding which strategy to invest in then:

  • Reach out to us directly at
  • Join our community and ask the traders directly from here:

Special Offer

Mudrex has been free till now but starting 1st July we are turning on our paid plans! To make investing in the marketplace even more lucrative we are running a special offer.

Users who subscribe to any marketplace strategy before 30th June get the ‘Pro Trader Plan’ worth $99 for free for a month!

Early bird offer!

Happy Trading!



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