The idea behind this blog

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

The mission

Technology is amazing. It’s massively transforming our entire world and life on a daily basis.

Nowadays everyone has a powerful computer in his pocket with nearly endless capabilities thanks to the internet and constant technological improvements.

New technologies = new possibilities

But how can we really leverage all those innovations? How do they actually work under the hood? And more importantly: What’s next?

This blog should answer those questions. We’ll take a look at emerging technologies and see how they’ll impact our daily lives and our society. We foster our knowledge by taking deep dives to take a look under the covers.

While doing so we’ll take that knowledge to the next level and look into the future. What can we expect from the future? What else is on the horizon.

Excited? So am I!

Who’s the target audience?

Simply put: Everyone who’s interested in technology and innovation!

This blog will give easy to understand, high-level overviews for decision makers while still taking deep dives into specific areas through in-depth blog posts.

Share your thoughts!

Do you like what you see? Have any questions, feedback or thoughts you want to share? Feel free to shoot me an E-Mail.

You can also find me on Twitter and GitHub.

What does MUENS mean?

TL;DR: Muens is my last name.

When I sketched out the idea for this blog I took way too much time thinking about the logistics such as the publishing platform (I started with a simple Hugo powered static web page and found myself deep in the rabbit hole of writing an own customized theme for it) and the name for this blog rather than producing valuable content.

I switched back and forth on different names and tag lines that should capture the essence of this blog. However no one knows how the journey looks like so names that work today might be outdated tomorrow.

After finding myself in yet another analysis paralysis I deleted all my brainstorming notes, opened Medium and created the “MUENS” publication.