4 Reasons XXXTENTACION will be a Star by the End of 2017

By Jkermah from Umass Amherst

XXXTENTACION has had quite a year so far. While in jail, he was thrust into the mainstream with his song “Look At Me,” along with the accusations that Drake stole his flow on the song “KMT.” X recently dropped his EP, Revenge, which pushed more of his Soundcloud hits into the mainstream.

He is the furthest thing from a role model with several charges placed against him, yet his cult like fan base continues to worship him. At the rate he’s going, XXXTENTACION might just be a mainstream star by the end of the year, whether we like it or not. Here is why:

1. His Versatility

XXXTENTACION the artist doesn’t get enough credit. He doesn’t just stick to one genre or sound with Revenge showing X’s wide array of styles varying from Hip Hop to R&B to Rock. Trap Rock songs like “Look at Me” and “YuNg BrATZ” feel like punches to the face with X scream rapping over equally as loud and aggressive trap beats.

If “Look at Me” is a punch in the face then, “I don’t wanna do this anymore” is the embrace after the punch. The self produced R&B song sounds like a completely different artist, showing X’s softer side with lyrics like “I should’ve let you know, that you’re my only one.” X will be a star because he can make music that pleases all audiences whether it be teenage girls with the pop hit “Looking for a Star” or old school hip hop heads with the boom bappy “Slipknot.”

2. He’s Authentic

Most of the mainstream rappers of today put on a facade and don’t actually live the life they rap about. This isn’t the case for X; he has the record to prove it and plenty of street cred in Broward County, Florida. For some reason, the more trouble X has, the more famous he becomes. Even after being sucker punched on stage, his rise to fame continues because his beefs are real — unlike certain “twitter finger” rappers.

3. His shows are WILD

When XXXTENTACION puts on a show, he’s not just singing a few songs and leaving; he turns the venue into the house party your mother has nightmares about. His aggressive music creates an environment that walks the line between exciting and dangerous, with mosh pits more wild than most punk rock bands. So far on his Revenge tour there has been several insane stage dives, two knockouts (one being his own), and one boob grab that have all surfaced the internet. What makes X’s shows so special is the shock value that comes with them.

4. He isn’t afraid to go against the mainstream

X isn’t afraid to talk back to more popular mainstream artists. When the internet claimed Drake stole his flow, he called him out several times. When Migos member Offset sent shots his way, he clapped right back. X functions as a rebel in this era where every artist is buddy buddy. He isn’t afraid to come out and say how he feels and he definitely isn’t afraid to call out his elders.

Even X’s sound goes against the mainstream. His loud and scream heavy songs are filled with so much distortion that many critics deem it unlistenable, but that same distortion is what makes his songs sound so gritty.

Final Thoughts

What makes XXXTENTACION a rising superstar is that he’s a dangerous rebel to the industry hip hop of today. Everything about him feels both real and dangerous. He isn’t putting on a persona when he’s screaming on the mic or jumping off the stage, that’s who he is as a person too. His dangerous lifestyle pushes his fame, but he’s walking a thin line between stardom and a life sentence (or even death). X has star potential, but whether it comes to fruition remains to be seen. Either way it’ll be fun to watch.

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