MugglePay Crypto Payment Plugin Launches on Shopify

Hermione Granger
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1 min readJun 12, 2019


MugglePay, a payment solution for cross-border E-Commerce base on a peer-to-peer network, has launched a new Shopify plugin that allows cryptocurrency transactions on the global e-commerce platform.

Lightning Network and More

Lightning Network makes Bitcoin payment more convenient. That’s a second layer built on the Bitcoin blockchain that allows thousands of transactions to run on the blockchain simultaneously.

The lightning network since it was officially revealed last year has continually gained rapid use cases. MugglePay provides Lightning Network’s payment, making your payment confirmation faster than Alipay and WeChat. The launch of the lightning network has brought a fresh and much-needed perspective to the subject of Bitcoin-based community.

In addition to the lightning network, you can also pay for Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, EOS, and BCH.

Accepting Cross-Border Money Easily

Shopify merchants can add MugglePay within 10min and accept money all over the world. MugglePay provides 7*24 hours of customer service in both English and Chinese.

This will start with the registration of MugglePay. Welcome to the borderless world.