Will There Ever be a Superman VS Muhammad Ali Movie?


For a long time, the Superman VS Muhammad Ali comic book has been shown across the Internet. Seeing it made me order the comic book. After the Ali movie starring Will Smith, I wondered if someone would ever be interested in making the comic book a movie. I believe that Will Smith would be the best man for the movie since he has done so well in playing Ali. After all, he has played the superhero Hancock in 2008. If a role was offered to Will Smith to play Ali for the comic book Superman VS Muhammad Ali, I wonder would he accept it? If not, hopefully there would be someone else that could play Ali just as good as Will Smith. Hopefully, he would be a great Muhammad Ali look-alike too.

Here is a fan made trailer of Superman VS Muhammad Ali by Roosterman Productions. I enjoyed watching it. It’s amazing what people can do with films. Just imagine what a real movie of Muhammad Ali and Superman would be like.

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