I left a start-up before it even launch its products.

My story is inspired by the story I read about Ravi Vadrevu and how he was kicked out from his start-up by his co-founder. You can read the story from here.

But my story is quite different from that Ravi’s story since I decided to quit by myself. First of all, I would advise one to have a record of every agreement they have with their partner.

Around September 2015, a friend of mine approached me wanting me to develop a website for his girlfriend’s mobile salon where users will request her services through it she will then travel to their location. Now, when we negotiated the price and he said he won’t be able to pay the amount, so he suggested that I will get a percentage of every payment on all services requested on the website.

With all that he sparked some ideas in me, so I then suggest that we develop a social networking services which will allow salon owners to registers their salons with us and then users will be able to request for services from these salons through the website. We agreed that we’ll be co-founder and since we saw this a big project we decided to bring our mutual friend on board and he will also be a co-founder.

So the project began, everything was sorted in terms of hosting, domain, and others requirements except signing of our agreement. We took this project as a side-project since we were busy with other commitments. Because of other commitments, we sometimes couldn’t deliver on the given deadline and this forced us to postpone the launch of the services.

Now it was time to sign the agreement on the shareholdings, did I tell you that initially we agreed that the two of us will get equal shares and the third guy won’t get equal shares with us? So now when we were drafting the agreement, my friend started to change his mind, he now wanted more shares than me and I couldn’t agree on since we initially agreed on equal shares. He started saying that if it wasn’t for him, the start-up wouldn’t even be there. And he started being the BOSS, and decisions would only be taken if agrees no matter how important they were. He would sometimes go as far as telling me that I can quit and he will find someone to replace me.

All of this frustrated me so I decided to quit, it wasn’t an easy decision to take since I had invested a lot to this start-up. But I couldn’t handle being treated like just an employee. And knowing that I was the one responsible with the development and designs, the treatment I was getting was just too much for me. I told my partners that I am leaving them and this was +- two weeks before we officially launch the service. Wanting the services to be successful, I told them that I can work with them until the launch provided that I get a piece of income for a limited period, and we couldn’t agree on that, so I stopped working on the start-up.

After 3 weeks the service wasn’t launched yet. I met with the other co-founder and asked him why the service hasn’t launched. He told me that he left for the same reason as mine. Now it has been more than 3 months after the supposed launch, and nothing has surface.

I am not happy that the service hasn’t been launch but I am happy to have learnt that it is important to keep record of all the agreements from the start.