Apple’s Encryption Fight Continues


Apple Inc.’s fight over privacy with the U.S. isn’t over yet, even after the government dropped a demand for the company’s help in accessing a California shooter’s iPhone because someone else found a way to crack it.
The U.S. said it’ll keep fighting to get the company’s help in getting data off a phone in Brooklyn, New York, that belonged to a drug dealer because Apple provided assistance in accessing such devices earlier. In a court filing Friday, the government said it’s going ahead with an appeal of a judge’s order denying its request for Apple’s help.

Apparently the FBI claims the method they used to unlock the San Bernandino iPhone only works on that iPhone, and that’s why these types of cases can continue.

I’m willing to bet Cellebrite (and even just other Government organizations) is just as capable as unlocking a 6S as they are a 5c.