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Letter sent on Aug 19, 2015

This week’s posts in The Pansexual Labyrinth….

Last week, I reviewed a new book by Jane Ward about sex between “not gay” men. It’s raised some interesting discussions, and I compiled around a dozen responses to the book in a post called “Even Straight Men Can’t Agree On What It Means to Be Straight.” You’ll be surprised what some of them have to say! I also published a post called Why Are We Still So Uncomfortable With Heteroflexible Men? in which I propose:

By declaring our acceptance of broadly-defined orientations, we avoid the uncomfortable process of understanding what it is that [people] are actually attracted to…. We need to give each other the freedom to decide not just if we’re gay or straight — most of us know that from an early age — but what specific acts we’re drawn to and how we want to pursue them. That takes more time — and experience — to figure out.

This week, we also have two posts by Kel Campbell, who writes that, Before Caitlyn, The Lady Chablis Taught America Trans 101:

[In 1997], Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was released, starring a trans woman who was neither victim nor villain; neither punchline nor pervert. She was simply The Lady Chablis, and her performance was nothing short of seminal — a radical departure from the prevailing characterization of transgender individuals at the time…..
When the book transitioned to film, Chablis insisted she play herself — a pretty bold move, and probably one which would have been impossible if not for her strength of will. Chablis said that she charmed Director Clint Eastwood…. In an otherwise middling movie, she shines as bright as any of her A-list counterparts.

Another post by Kel Campbell, called Bible Belt LGBTs: Quit Bringing up F*cking Leviticus, warns:

When you combat the idea that being gay is as much a sin as those bonkers restrictions in Leviticus, you’re trying to use logic to convince others….This causes our hypothetical homophobe to move forth in the world believing that religion is an appropriate cornerstone of civic and political discourse…..If LGBTS and our allies continue to fight Bible with Bible, it makes Bible more present in our discussions. It legitimizes religion that has no place in the creation and enforcement of laws.

Finally, Holly Jordan shares a beautiful post called Coming Out of the Proverbial Closet that really gets to the heart of what The Pansexual Labyrinth is all about:

Telling my friends and family that I had found someone I loved and loved me back felt a lot more natural than telling them that I found a gender that I love more than the other…..So when I think about my “coming out story,” if I came out to anything, it was that I am a person that is attracted to people….I am in the most honest place in my sexuality that I can be….Where can you allow more fluidity in your sexuality? Where can you be more open?

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