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A link between Binance Smart Chain and Fantom

Bridging BNB from BSC to Fantom can be done either through Anyswap’s Fantom version or through

There’s been a recent trend of massive traffic through AnySwap and much of it has been from Ethereum to Fantom. However, a clear demand has been voiced to be able to move directly from Binance Smart Chain to Fantom. A BNB bridge where you can move BEP20 BNB from BSC directly to Fantom through AnySwap has therefore been created.

We have also founded a cooperation with SpiritSwap on Fantom which has created a direct link to through their website and have started BNB/FTM, ANY/FTM farms that will help incentive cross-chain traffic to Fantom and create good liquidity between the assets. A potential FSN/FTM is also being looked at.

The BNB/FTM farm on SpiritSwap will be very important for making the new BNB bridge liquid and for creating a liquid connection between BSC and Fantom.

The BNB on Fantom is of course available for any DEX or other DeFi protocol that wishes to utilize it.

The BNB contract can be found here: 0xd67de0e0a0fd7b15dc8348bb9be742f3c5850454

It’s also possible since a long time to move BNB to Huobi Eco Chain through AnySwap. As demand for DeFi heavy chains connecting with other DeFi heavy chains increases AnySwap will continue to create these links in the ways which makes it the most easy to move value between the chains.



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