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AMA Recap with Caduceus

Talk with Matt — Caduceus CTO

1.First, let us know about your project and where the idea for Caduceus came from, and tell us about your core team members and their backgrounds?

Hello everyone from the Multichain community. I believe that you have heard of Caduceus before. Yes, three months ago, Caduceus and Multichain reached a strategic cooperation in ecological, economic, technological and other aspects. . This AMA is the first collaboration between our two communities, and I will also introduce some detailed information about Caduceus and the key direction of cooperation with Multichain.

Let’s first introduce Caduceus. Caduceus is the first Metaverse protocol for decentralized edge rendering, dedicated to providing services such as decentralized rendering, edge computing, 3D technology, and XR extended reality technology for Metaverse developers and creators. As you can see from our introduction, the underlying technologies we provide for the Metaverse are blockchain technology, edge computing technology, computing resources, and rendering resources derived from computing power.

Caduceus is based on a decentralized, fully modular, open source blockchain with lower transaction costs, faster speed, and higher security than any other public chain. We have nearly four years of precipitation, and the Metaverse identity system, Metaverse edit tools, and GPU mining products will be officially launching this year.

The project has a team of super professionals with deep experience in blockchain, DeFi, software development, finance, retail, music, art, media, and entertainment. We brought together all of these professionals from many fields to provide you with an experienced team with a deep passion for the emerging Metaverse.

2: Talk about the cooperation with Multichain

In the future, the digital world will not only have one chain, but will coexist with multiple of chains. A true metaverse would likewise connect all other virtual worlds and transfer personal information and currency between different platforms through protocols that span time, platforms and devices. In fact, the interoperability that requires many virtual spaces to work together is the key to the realization of the concept of the metaverse, which is what Caduceus pursues and actively implements. At the current stage, Caduceus will use the underlying architecture to support the different independent fields of the metaverse. Application, these applications will be integrated and connected in the later stage to realize an overall system composed of various applications, different devices and user experiences, which will be the prototype of the Caduceus Metaverse.

In this cooperation, Multichain as a service provider of cross-chain services, will provide cross-chain solutions for CMP assets. Multichain has leading advantages in cross-chain speed, security and cost. In the follow-up cooperation, it will continue to provide various NFT cross-chain services and cross-chain interoperability of general data for Caduceus.

The above are some of the strategic cooperation between Caduceus and Multichain. We expect Multichain to become a cross-chain ecological indicator in the future metaverse world, and bring the diversity of value transmission to the Web3 field with Caduceus.

3. What is the role of the CMP token in Caduceus? Would you tell us more about its tokenomics?

CMP is the native Token in the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol, with a total supply of 1 billion. We can see CMP as a value bridge connecting the real world and the virtual world.

Enterprise users can use CMP to exchange GPU computing power provided by Caduceus global computing nodes, flexibly use massive computing resources, improve computing efficiency, shorten rendering cycles and obtain higher-quality metaverse development scenarios at a much lower cost. Caduceus uses CMP as a reward to create a C2B open system allowing all networked devices to participate in contributing idle GPU computing resources, expand Caduceus global computing nodes to finally achieve supply and demand between enterprises and users with mutual benefits.

In addition, CMP can also be used as a circulation medium for ecological applications on the Caduceus chain. For example, 3D NFT brand HAPE has introduced CMP as a circulation medium, so that project fans can directly use CMP to interact with the application and further provide liquidity support.

In the past IDOs, $CMP has set a number of fastest sales records and 100x over-subscription records on platforms such as Daolaunch, PlaySky, Safelaunch, DaoStarter, and GameStarter. $CMP has also been launched on the Bybit, MEXC and Bitget on July 25.

Token-related mechanisms will also be announced in Q2-Q3 2022, including the introduction of the pledge function of decentralized computing power nodes, where users will be able to pledge CMP and obtain ecological application tokens and NFTs. Stay tuned to our social channels for information and announcements!

4: CMP is now listed on exchange. Does CMP have any value-added ?

We will mention the three roles in our mining ecology:

1. Rendering nodes 2. Enterprise users 3. Individual users

First of all, if you want to become a “rendering node”, you need to pledge and lock a certain amount of CMP in order to provide computing power services. Caduceus ensures that the machine supplier can maintain the stability of the machine through the blockchain pledge model of smart contracts. To provide a machine, you need to pledge the CMP corresponding to the value of the mining machine, and the pledged tokens will be used as a shutdown penalty.

Secondly, if enterprise users have a demand for rendering resources, they also need to pay CMP to purchase the corresponding rendering computing resources.

It is worth mentioning that ordinary users can provide their own computing resources through their personal PCs even if they do not have professional mining equipment. Of course, we will also give a reasonable pledge amount according to the configuration of your equipment.

It is not difficult to see that if the demand for Caduceus’ rendering nodes surges, the amount of CMP purchased by the official trading channel will also surge. If supply exceeds demand, then CMP will increase in price. Of course, what everyone cares about is whether there are really so many rendering resources. I am very confident to tell you here that Caduceus has been enriching the ecology of the public chain in addition to the business of rendering computing power. It can be said that 60% of the applications deployed on our chain have rendering needs. Secondly, we are in other traditional industries. , such as film and television, games, entertainment and other industries have rich resources, and now they are all in the stage of signing agreements. It is worth mentioning that it is expected that in August 2022, the rendering and distribution client of Caduceus will be officially launched, and multiple applications have been deployed.

It can be said that Caduceus already has a very strong consensus. In this way, the entire Caduceus network will develop rapidly, and the currency price will rise accordingly. In the selection of time nodes, I think this is also a great advantage for us on the eve of the Ethereum upgrade. Ethereum mining equipment and miners can easily move into the Caduceus ecosystem.

5. Before we wrap, is there any “exclusive” bullish news that you can share with our community?

Caduceus has become the third-ranked project in the TOP 10 most popular projects on CoinMarketCap.

Caduceus is the 2022 TOP 10 project on the CoinMarketCap Community. Caduceus is also ranked fourth in the top 10 launchpad token sales ratings sourced by CryptoGraph Ratings and Caduceus is also the top 10 most used chains in ONTOWallet.

Caduceus has raised $4 million in an oversubscribed Series A round jointly led by Susquehanna International Group, the leading crypto investment firm founded by Jeff Yass and BlockFills, the world leading disruptive technology firm dedicated to cryptocurrency.Other lead investors in the round included Bin Zayed Group, Qredo, TokenInsight, Nukkleus, Europe’s leading digital asset execution platform Digital RFQ and Luna Venture Capital. Football legend and former England and Chelsea FC captain John Terry has also chosen to invest in us. At the same time, Caduceus’ supporters also include Stephen Hendry, a former professional snooker legend, a former world champion and the “Snooker Emperor”, a former England rugby player and England BT Sports TV commentator. Austin Healey, the godfather of cricket, Lord Botham.

Currently, there are more leading venture capitals, crypto investment companies, film and television stars and sports celebrities who are optimistic about the future development of Caduceus. We are also about to complete the second round of strategic financing and will announce more blockbuster financing and cooperation in the near future. Please stay tuned on it. We are very happy to see that many investors recognize the great potential and value of Caduceus.



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Multichain (Previously Anyswap)

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