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ANY and FSN on QuickSwap

On March 22 AnySwap integrated Polygon making it possible to bridge ANY and other assets onto Polygon. Polygon has previously made use of other bridges than AnySwap to merge assets from Ethereum, most notably the POS-bridge. But AnySwap has now opened the door to other networks for Polygon such as Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Fusion, Huobi Eco Chain, xDAI and Avalanche.

This is interesting for protocols that run on Polygon, and in particular for QuickSwap, an ambitious AMM DEX that is steadily growing in popularity.

Like SushiSwap (and like AnySwap used to have), QuickSwap offers yield to its liquidity providers. On QuickSwap the yield comes in the form of QUICK-tokens that are distributed evenly to high liquidity pairings that submit their LP-tokens to the farming contracts.

Such yield will be open for ANY/QUICK and FSN/QUICK pools on QuickSwap. At initial liquidity and volume levels the rewards will be set to 2.1 QUICK/day, but could increase to higher yields as the pools grow.

In order to partake in these pools ANY and FSN must be bridged from Fusion to Polygon.

QUICK is best acquired on QuickSwap with native MATIC or ETH bridged with the POS bridge through the Matic Wallet. Remember also, that tiny amounts of MATIC are needed for gas. QuickSwap has an interesting faucet for native MATIC available through a fiat gateway.

Once you have all your tokens on Polygon it’s simple to provide the liquidity.

Once you have the LP-tokens click the Reward-section and search the relevant yield contract to start getting the QUICK yield in addition to fee earnings.

This is a great example of how projects can cooperate cross-chain to become even greater through AnySwap’s bridging.



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