ANY Tokenomics — From Inflation to Deflation

Multichain (Previously Anyswap)
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2 min readOct 22, 2021


AnySwap is a decentralized cross-chain swap protocol launched on the 20th of July 2020 and it had DEX trading and liquidity mining rewards. (

In February 2021, AnySwap switched its focus to cross-chain bridge infrastructure. Thus, the DEX function has been removed, trading and liquidity mining rewards stopped. Instead, 20% of bridge fees were used to buy back and burn ANY tokens. (

ANY tokenomics becomes a deflationary model, and the ANY circulating supply (18,639,320) has no longer increased since February 2021.

Latest ANY Tokenomics

  1. ANY Total supply: 100,000,000
  2. ANY Circulating supply: 18,639,320
  3. ANY Circulating supply dynamically distributed across supported networks:

1)Ethereum: 7,597,570.72

2)Fusion: 6,324,799.93


4)Fantom: 1,235,872.96

5)Polygon: 143,374.66

6)Huobi: 120,644.88

7)xDAI: 31,089.72

8)Avalanche: 25.50

4. ANY contract addresses

1)Ethereum: 0xf99d58e463a2e07e5692127302c20a191861b4d6

2)Fusion: 0x0c74199d22f732039e843366a236ff4f61986b32

3)BSC: 0xf68c9df95a18b2a5a5fa1124d79eeeffbad0b6fa

4)Fantom: 0xddcb3ffd12750b45d32e084887fdf1aabab34239

5)Polygon: 0x6ab6d61428fde76768d7b45d8bfeec19c6ef91a8

6)Huobi: 0x538cee985e930557d16c383783ca957fa90b63b3

7)xDAI: 0xB44a9B6905aF7c801311e8F4E76932ee959c663C

8)Avalanche: 0xb44a9b6905af7c801311e8f4e76932ee959c663c

What about the remaining 80M ANY token?

The non-circulating 80M ANY tokens are locked in smart contracts. There will be governance voting for ANY utility in the future. Until then, the tokens will not unlock.

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