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AnySwap Multichain Router V3 is Back Online! Free Trial Duration Extended to August 15th.

We are so excited to announce that Anyswap V3 is going live again!

To make up for the time that has been missed due to the relaunch, we extended the free trial timeline to August 15th, 2021

For the past few days, our team has been working non-stop just to make sure that Anyswap V3 can be relaunched safe and sound, as we heard a lot of voices calling for a relaunch on V3.

Anyswap Multichain Router V3:

What you need to know:

1. How do you get your assets on the V3 farming pool?

  • Assets on the Fantom farming pool can be removed as unusual when there’s enough liquidity in the Fantom liquidity pool.
  • Those who still had LP token staked in the polygon farming pool already got new LP tokens. You can remove liquidity when there’s enough liquidity in the Polygon liquidity pool.

2. Anyswap Multichain Router V3 has changed anyUSDC LP token address on BSC and Polygon, Fantom and Ethereum addresses remain the same.

  • anyUSDC ERC20


0xaeDdc4A469acE97e90C605e3F52EB89620e305C0 (old)0x8965349fb649a33a30cbfda057d8ec2c48abe2a2 (new)


0x9610b01aaa57ec026001f7ec5cface51bfea0ba6 (old)0xd69b31c3225728cc57ddaf9be532a4ee1620be51 (new)

To get involved and stay up to date:

* Join the Anyswap community:

* Follow Anyswap on:

* Subscribe to the Anyswap:

* Send email to Anyswap:




An infrastructure for on-chain asset interoperability, envisioned to be the ultimate router for Web3

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Multichain (Previously Anyswap)

Multichain (Previously Anyswap)

Cross-Chain Router Protocol (CRP), an infrastructure for cross-chain interoperability, envisioned to be the ultimate router for Web3

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