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AnySwap New Interface — All In One

We are thrilled to announce our new UI

What’s it about?

  1. Router:

The old entries for Stable (supports stable tokens like USDC, USDT, DAI, ETH, MIM, EURS) and Router (supports tokens like HGET, HYVE) are integrated into the Router section in the new UI.

2. Bridge:

The old entry for Anyswap V1/V2 is integrated into the Bridge section in the new UI.

3. Farms:

The farms on Stable have also been integrated into Farms section in the new UI.

4. Explorer:

Click the Explorer and you will get to explorer.

If you want to use the DEX Swap function, go click on the V1 arrow beside the Anyswap logo and it will navigate you to where the Swap and Pool function remains.

What happens to all the old entries?

They will stay the same and remain functional.

Chose a way that suits you the best.

Last but not least:

If you encounter any problems, please send us an email at or you can join our Telegram group and reach out to our admins.

To get involved and stay up to date:
* Join the Anyswap community:
* Follow Anyswap on:
* Subscribe to the Anyswap:
* Send email to Anyswap:



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