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Anyswap Second Multichain Pool is Going Live with HERO

We are delighted to announce that our second Multichain Pool is open with HERO!

FarmHero is a novel protocol that mixes NFT, gaming and DEFI concepts. The community can contribute and earn in various ways, including but not limited to Yield Farming, NFT farming, and/or NFT trading with their CUTE IP-owned NFT, bug bounty, join the incubators, playing the house games, or simply copy and paste referral link and send to friends. FarmHero has in-house games that strongly support HERO token price to ensure a long-term, continuous token model. Currently, FarmHero has FOMO and Auction Games to help burn the token continuously. FarmHero has a roadmap to include more traits and varieties to NFTs, such as blind box, customised market places, 3D VR showcase of the NFT, etc.

  1. Kick-off time:
  • 10 AM UTC August 11, 2021.

2. Incentive Duration:

  • Two weeks.

3. How:

  • Staking ANY to earn HERO.

4. Farming Network

  • Binance Smart Chain

5. Incentive Amount:

  • The amount of HERO tokens distributed to ANY stakers will be 0.43 HERO per block(≈12,500 HERO per day).

6. Farming URL:

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