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Apply for your token to go Cross-chain!

How can DeFi applications achieve cross-chain presence through Anyswap?

Anyswap cross-chain bridge can realize safe, fast and decentralized cross-chain assets existing on multiple chains without jeopardizing supply increase. In view of the unique technological advancement, sMPC security and ease of use of the Anyswap cross-chain bridge, many public blockchains have began in-depth cooperation with the Anyswap project since its launch. The current public chain systems supported by Anyswap include Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, Fantom, Heco, Fusion, OkexChain, Arbitrum, xDAI and Polygon. In fact all EVM chains listed on are already supported.

All DeFi applications can use Anyswap cross-link services safely and free of charge. DeFi applications use Anyswap to achieve simple cross-chain transactions and fast integration.

How do DeFi applications realize cross-chain transactions through Anyswap?

1. Things you need to have

* Token address;

* Project website URL;

* Token LOGO (128x128 png or svg logo);

* Contact Information: Email address and Telegram account.

* Note: The token must be listed with Coingecko ( ) to be able to apply.

2. Online application operation

First, enter the application interface

Open the link to enter the Anyswap homepage. Find the “listing” option in the left menu bar, you can enter the application for the online cross-chain bridge interface. Select “Start” button to start the application process.

You can also directly enter the application interface through the link

Where to find the application cross-chain bridge operation interface

How to fill in the online application

After answering the Six questions in turn, click the “Submit” button to end the application operation. The entire operation only takes about 2 minutes.

Questions to answer when applying for the online cross-chain bridge

What projects does Anyswap Cross-Chain Bridge support?

As of March 17, 2021, the number of applications supported by Anyswap Cross-Chain Bridge has reached 141, including Sushiswap, Curve, ChainLink, Aave, YFI, 1inch, Band, Cream, Frax, TrustWallet, SafePay, TokenPocket, Cover, Unit and other world-renowned DeFi projects.

The recent DeFi application projects launched on Anyswap Cross-Chain Bridge include TokenPocket, SuperFarm and Mettalex.

1. Mettalex trading platform. Mettalex is a decentralized trading platform for crypto assets and commodity derivatives. In February 2021, Amplify, the long-term high-return mining project of Mettalex, was officially launched on Anyswap’s Binance Smart Chain (BSC). After the launch, the token will be anyMTLX.

2. SuperFarm Cross-Chain protocol. SuperFarm is a Cross-Chain DeFi protocol that allows anyone to deploy DeFi and NFT mining without the need for code. In March 2021, SuperFarm’s token SUPER achieved cross-chain operation through Anyswap and launched on BSC.

3. TokenPocket. TokenPocket is the world’s largest decentralized wallet, providing reliable digital currency asset management services for nearly tens of millions of users around the world. In March 2021, TokenPocket successfully reached a strategic cooperation with, a multichain cross-chain platform developed by the Anyswap team and (YFI) founder Andre Cronje based on Anyswap SMPC Network. TokenPocket has realized cross-chain recharge and withdrawal services by launching the platform token TPT on the

In the next step, Anyswap will continue to improve its technical indicators and support cross-chain transactions for more applications in a more convenient way. Anyswap looks forward to cooperating with more excellent projects, providing users with better increased possibilities in multi-chain presence, and promoting the development and growth of the DeFi ecosystem.



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