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Everything you need to know about ANY burn.

ANY is a Multichain token that had its first official buyback and burn. The total number of ANY burned was 160,485.25 which happened from fees that occurred between the dates of April, 2021 to Jun, 2021. This accounts for 0.9% of tokens being burnt from the circulating supply.

1. What are the burn transactions?

· Ethereum (51,291.28 burned):

· BSC (38,160.22 burned):

· Fusion (35,555.9 burned):

· Fantom (19,705.54 burned):

· Polygon (15,772.31 burned):

2. How often will we burn?

• Once every quarter.

3. What percentage of fees will be used for buyback and burn ANY?

• 20% of the bridge fees.

4. Will we burn the circulating supply or the max supply?

• The number of total supply won’t change, only the circulating supply will be reduced.

5. What is the proportion of the burn in the total supply?

• Maximum amount of burn accounts for 30% of the total supply.



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