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Multichain (Previously Anyswap)
3 min readSep 28, 2022


Hey Multichainers,

With the improved speed and security, MPC2.0 fastMPC mainnet officially goes live — a big upgrade of our MPC layer. It will become a powerful underlying service platform on which many applications can be developed, such as the MPC wallet and permissionless cross-chain services.

As an important step towards further decentralization, we are now recruiting nodes for the fastMPC mainnet. All kinds of institutions and individuals are welcome to register, and the criteria are as follows.

  • Hardware requirements
  • Fast CPU with 4+ cores (minimum: 2 cores)
  • Minimum 8G RAM
  • 80G HDD
  • 2M bandwidth

*The above are the minimum requirements. Please do note that it is recommended to be equipped with higher-performance device and wider bandwidth in order to achieve smoother nodes running.

  • veMULTI staking
  • Stake 10,000 $MULTI to veMULTI for at least 1 year.
  • Or stake 5,000 $MULTI to veMULTI for 2 years.
  • Or stake 2,500 $MULTI to veMULTI for 4 years.

veMULTI staking entry —

Note: In order for us to directly verify your veMULTI staking, you must register the mainnet node with the same account as the one you used to stake veMULTI.

  • Success rate

Only nodes that pass a one-week MPC stress test with a success rate of at least 80% are eligible to serve as fastMPC mainnet nodes.

  • Rewards:

veMUlTI benefits will be paid out in USDC to all runners, and the current APR is 34%. For example, rewards for 2500 veMULTI staked for 4 years are around 70 USDC per week.

Additionally, MULTI bonus will be rewarded to all eligible node runners on a monthly basis, at an annualized rate of 5%.

Rewards = number of staked MULTI x 5%


  • A stake of 10,000 MULTI or greater will produce maximum 10,000 * 5% = 500 MULTI rewards. Rewards will start to be distributed in November.
  • fastMPC blockchain is our next step and when it goes live, node runners will be able to earn rewards by staking and delivering MPC computing services. At that point, rewards policy might be changed in accordance with the economic model.

Anyone who is interested in joining us and contributing to a truly decentralized Web3 infrastructure is welcome. How to run and register fastMPC mainnet nodes, refer to

  • Inquiries

For any questions, feel free to ask via community

About Multichain MPC network:

Multichain is protected by a network of nodes called Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC) and is underpinned by a distributed threshold signature scheme (TSS) based on MPC technology. This can avoid single points of failure, enhance decentralization and security. It provides a series of distributed algorithms, including key generation and signing. fastMPC network in which each node independently owns part of the private key and never has the full set of private keys.



Multichain (Previously Anyswap)

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