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How to convert ANY to MULTI — Rules and Procedures

On 16 December 2021, Anyswap published a rebranding announcement and officially upgraded to Multichain with a focus on cross-chain infrastructure. After rebranding, MULTI will replace ANY to be the governance token.

For full rebranding announcement, please refer to

1. ANY contract address on ETH network: 0xf99d58e463a2e07e5692127302c20a191861b4d6

2. MULTI contract address on ETH network: 0x65ef703f5594d2573eb71aaf55bc0cb548492df4

3. Contract address for ANY converting to MULTI on ETH network: 0xaed0472b498548B1354925d222B832b99Bb2EC60

MetaMask wallet is used here as an example to explain ANY-MULTI swap process

2. Set up your wallet on ETH network. Click on “Connect Wallet” and the connection will be successful if the wallet account is displayed in the upper right corner. Also, please make sure that MetaMask is connected to the ETH network. Multichain will link with your wallet automatically.

3. Approve ANY (Contract Approval). Fill in the ‘ANY’ amount you want to convert and then click on ‘Approve ANY’. Please wait for MetaMask to confirm.

Please note that contract approval is a once-off process for the first ANY-MULTI swap and will cost ETH gas. You will not go through it again next time.

4. Convert ‘ANY’ to ‘MULTI”. Fill in the ‘ANY’ amount that you want to convert and then click on ‘Swap’.

5. All transaction records can be checked via

Except for MetaMask wallet, users can also use OKEx, Coin98, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, BitKeep, etc. to convert ANY to MULTI.

The uncirculated MULTI tokens (81,360,680 MULTI, 81.36% of total supply) are locked in the MultiDAO smart contract, and its specific use is determined by the DAO. There will be governance votes for MULTI utility in the future. Until then, the tokens will not be unlocked.

MultiDAO contract address:

MULTI can be bridged across ETH, BSC, MATIC, Fantom, AVAX, Arbitrum, Moonriver by Multichain Router. Secure, fast, and decentralized cross-chain interaction can be done at Multichain. Go to the “Router” web page by clicking “Enter APP” to start a swap. For detailed cross-chain swap tutorials, please refer to

MULTI Token contract address:







Multichain will initiate a series of liquidity pool farming jointly with DEX and DeFi apps including Sushiswap, Spookyswap, Spiritswap, Apeswap and Solarbeam, etc. Stay tuned for further announcements.

1. The conversion will only be initiated by ANY holders. Multichain will not enforce token conversion.

2. No time limit is set for conversion. Users can convert at any time from the starting date.

3. The conversion needs to be done within the ETH network, which means users need to transfer ANY to the ETH network before the conversion. They will need ETH for gas (including for the Contract Approval).

4. It is a one-way swap to convert ANY to MULTI; the other way around is not supported.

5. Once ANY is converted to MULTI, converted ANY will be locked in the smart contract.

6. You can convert ANY to MULTI via the official website, while more channels for conversion will be available soon (e.g., Binance Exchange). Please await later announcements.

7. MULTI users can trade MULTI on DEX including Sushiswap, Spookyswap, Spiritswap, Apeswap and Solarbeam, etc. More channels will be released soon.

8. If you have any questions regarding ANY-MULTI conversion, feel free to drop us an email or join Telegram community to contact us. We are here to help.










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