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How to use Anyswap to bridge UST between Terra and Fantom?

If you are Anyswap followers, you may notice some exciting news about the fast-growing number of Anyswap supported chains. Terra, a new network, is now available! The bridge between Fantom and Terra has been deployed on Anyswap, and TerraUSD (UST) has been deployed there.

Terra USD(UST): 0xe2D27f06F63d98b8e11b38b5b08A75D0c8dD62B9

This tutorial is going to introduce you how to swap UST between Fantom and Terra step by step. First of all, you should have an Ethereum wallet (MetaMask, for example) prepared and set up Anyswap on Fantom Network. In addition, you need to prepare a Terra Wallet which is successfully connected to AnySwap exchange.

Step1: Ethereum Wallet(MetaMask) and Network Setup

We take MetaMask as an example to show you how to setup wallet and Fantom network.

1.1 Download MetaMask Wallet from MetaMask Chrome extension

1.2 Visit Anyswap to get MetaMask connected

You will then enter into MeteMask webpage to either create a new wallet or import one. Once you install your wallet successfully, the following steps will appear. Please proceed to set up connection.

1.3 Fantom Network Setup

Alternatively, Fantom network can be manually added. At the top of MetaMask, you can see the current network (e.g., Ethereum) and then select ‘Add Network’ to enter the details as below.

Network Name: Fantom Opera


Chain ID: 250

Currency Symbol (Optional): FTM

Block Explorer URL (Optional):

Step 2: Terra Wallet Setup

2.1 Download and Install Terra Station Extension from Chrome Web Store

2.2 Get Terra wallet connected to Anyswap

Please make sure you have connected to Fantom network.

Here, you can either create a new Terra wallet or import one by recovering existing wallet, which is similar to what we have done with MetaMask.

  • Create a new wallet
  • Import an existing Terra wallet

Terra wallet is successfully connected when you see the ‘Swap’ Button.

Step3: Swap

  • Bridge from Terra to Fantom

Please ensure you have connected to Fantom Network and selected ‘Non-EVM’. You can then input amount and start to swap. The status of cross-chain transaction is available on Anyswap Explorer.

  • Bridge from Fantom to Terra

Please make sure you have connected to Fantom network. In order to transfer UST from Fantom to Terra, you should select ‘EVM’ .

Regarding Step4 — Enter Terra Wallet Address, the address of your connected Terra wallet will appear by default. You can also copy and paste as the following guide.

Similarly, you can check cross-chain transaction (Fantom-Terra) status via specific AnySwap Explorer URL as the way you do for Terra-Fantom bridge. Or, you are able to check by entering transaction hash (txid) as the following.

For more information, please visit Anyswap Helpdesk where you can get access to tutorials and portal to submit requests.

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