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Listing UNI on Anyswap Sep. 18th Airdrop to UNI holders

Dear Anyswappers,

We are extremely excited to announce the listing of Uniswap’s new UNI token. We will open UNI/FSN and UNI/BNB pairs for trading starting from Sep 18th at 12:00 PM GMT.

As a sign of appreciation for Uniswap’s contribution to the DeFi ecosystem with its vibrant community, Anyswap will now host an airdrop to Uniswap community members who have used the platform in the past two years.

We will reward 49,192 unique Liquidity Provider addresses and 251,534 swap addresses that received UNI with an airdrop of 1 ANY and 1 ANY-BEP2 each.
Eligible users can access their airdrop through the following links:

Anyswap on Fusion:
Anyswap on BSC:

We thank everyone who contributed to the rise of the DeFi ecosystem through their knowledge and use of key DeFi platforms as we achieve and maintain growth in this exciting new era!

About Anyswap

Anyswap is a multi-platform cross chain DEX with the lowest gas fees in the entire DeFi ecosystem. Utilizing the Fusion blockchain network, users only pay $0.0001 in fees. With our new integration of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), users who operate on BSC only pay $0.02 in fees.
For comparison, other decentralized exchanges charge $11 in Ethereum gas fees on average.

Happy swapping!

For more information how to use Anyswap please visit:



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