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Multichain First AMA Session Successfully Held

Anyswap was officially relaunched as Multichain on December 16th, 2021. Meanwhile, the first rebranding AMA session was concurrently held in Multichain (Previously Anyswap) telegram community. Here, we briefly list the most popular and frequently asked questions for a quick review.

Q1: What is the purpose of a brand refresh?

Founded in July 2020 as a cross-chain decentralized exchange, Anyswap is now transforming into a cross-chain solution provider. In order to create strong brand positioning in the market and provide users with better cross-chain services, Anyswap is relaunched as Multichain with a focus on infrastructure for arbitrary cross-chain interactions.

Q2: What’s the vision and mission of Multichain?

Multichain, as a cross-chain router protocol (CRP), endeavors to be the ultimate router for Web 3.

Q3: What does Multichain provide and what are its advantages as an infrastructure for arbitrary cross-chain interactions?

Multichain is a leader in terms of security, cross-chain speed and costs. Since its foundation in 2020, Multichain has evolved over three iterations from a 1:1 cross-chain bridge to an innovative cross-chain router system that interconnects multiple chains. Multichain offers an advanced and real-time Cross-Chain Router Protocol (CRP) system that supports cross-chain interoperability of tokens, NFTs, and general data across multiple chains.

Q4: Based on Anyswap, what are the improvements of Multichain?

User Experience: An all-in-one cross-chain interface

Cross-chain Speed: Four times faster than before with an average transaction time of 100 seconds

Q5. What are the improvements from a technical perspective?

Multichain refactored its entire code base, including the core algorithm. The success of the recoding helped achieve a more efficient, safer, and mature engineering implementation of the distributed signature algorithm based on MPC, and it also made it possible to realize large-scale asset interaction on the Router.

Q6: When the new website goes live, would Anyswap website stop working?

Once upgrade is completed, a brand-new website: will be put into use. The original domain will work as normal but have no more updates.

Q7: What measures does Multichain take to make sure the security of its system?

Non-custodial + MPC model technically guarantees the security of crypto assets

Multichain is audited by TrailOfBits, SlowMist and PeckShield. Security reports are available on

Multichain has established a bug bounty scheme to incentivize valid bug reporting from communities.

A security fund has been established to provide protection for system operation and financial security in the event of unforeseen risks.

Q8: Would upgrade affect original partners of Anyswap? How to apply for a new listing?

Brand upgrade only involves changes to the brand name and relative aspects. It does not involve any change in the operating entity and will not have any impact on the services and products currently in use. In addition, rebranding would not affect any previous partnership. Multichain is committed to providing high-level products and service delivery constantly.

All cross-chain applications can use Multichain cross-chain router for free. Multichain is looking forward to cooperating with more projects for a promising future. For a free listing application, please visit

Q9: Would governance token ANY still exist when it is replaced by MULTI?

It is a one-way swap. Only ANY can be converted to MULTI while MULTI-ANY swap is not available. There is no cut-off time for the conversion. Once ANY is converted to MULTI, converted ANY will be locked in the smart contract. We recommend starting ANY-MULTI swap as soon as possible in case of unnecessary losses.

Q10: How and where to swap ANY for MULTI?

Conversion can be done via a web portal —

ANY — MULTI swap should be initiated by token holders with a ratio of 1:1, i.e., meaning1 ANY is equal to 1 MULTI. Detailed rules and procedures of ANY-MULTI swap will be released.

Q11: What’s MULTI Tokenomics?

The non-circulating MULTI tokens are locked in smart contracts. There will be governance votes for MULTI utility in the future. Until then, the tokens will not be unlocked. Meanwhile, ANY tokenomics for buyback and burn will also be upgraded to the veMULTI model.

Q11: What are the upcoming activities?

Events and activities are on the way, keep following Multichain’s official channels to get the latest news.

Also, during the AMA session, Zhaojun, Multichain co-founder, gave an answer to the question near and dear to most users — What is the next move for MULTI and Multichain?

In the upcoming days, Andre Cronje will deploy veMULTI and veMULTI holders can earn USDC from bridge fees. From brand perspective, Multichain strives to make continuous progress towards the infrastructure of web3.0 with a vision to become the ultimate router for Web3.




An infrastructure for on-chain asset interoperability, envisioned to be the ultimate router for Web3

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Multichain (Previously Anyswap)

Multichain (Previously Anyswap)

Cross-Chain Router Protocol (CRP), an infrastructure for cross-chain interoperability, envisioned to be the ultimate router for Web3

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