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Multichain Review | Apr 19th-May 16th

A quick recap of the past month

Multichain is actively pursuing the vision to be the ultimate router for web3 by rapidly expanding the ecosystem. The establishment of more partnerships and the launching of our new products with novel features and extensive use cases are great examples. Here is a review of the new tokens supported by Multichain, and the market updates and newest events held by Multichain over the past month for you to keep track of our key moments.

New Tokens Supported

Creaticles: Fantom<-> ETH

MiniVerse Dollar: Avalanche <-> Fantom

gALCX: Fantom<-> ETH <-> Arbitrum

Fabwelt: BNB Chain<-> Polygon<-> Avalanche<-> KCC

StripCoin: BNB Chain<-> Polygon<-> ETH

Gelato Network Token: Fantom<-> BNB Chain<-> Polygon<-> ETH

Cowboy Snake: KCC<-> BNBChain

FLOKIFOMO: BNB Chain<-> Polygon

IceCream Finance: BNB Chain<-> Avalanche<-> Fantom

CheeseFry: Avalanche<-> ETH

ROND Coin: ETH Polygon

LUXY: Syscoin<-> NEVM<-> BNB Chain<-> Polygon

0xMonero: Fantom<-> Aurora<-> Ethereum

Emanate: Polygon<-> ETH

ApeSwapFinanceBanana: Polygon<-> ETH<-> BNB Chain

YEL: BNB Chain<-> Fantom<-> Polygon<-> Avalanche<-> ETH

Spintop: Polygon

Mor Stablecoin: BNB Chain<-> Avalanche<-> Fantom

SmartElectrum: BNB Chain<-> ETH

NanoByte: ETH<-> BNB Chain

MetaShooter: BNB Chain<-> Polygon

FevrToken: ETH<-> Polygon<-> Avalanche<-> BNB Chain

Random: Polygon<-> Avalanche <->Fantom

MAGIK: Avalanche <->BNB Chain <->Fantom

Wine Shares: BNB Chain<-> Avalanche<-> Fantom

DSHARE: BNB Chain<-> Avalanche <->Fantom

Treeb: Polygon<-> Fantom

xDollar Interverse Money: ETH <->Arbitrum <->Harmony<-> Fantom<-> IoTeX

STEP.APP: BNB Chain<-> Polygon <->Avalanche<-> ETH

DecentraWorld: BNB Chain<-> ETH <->Avalanche<-> Fantom <->Cronos

Minato: BNB Chain <->ETH <->OKC<-> Moonriver

Swash Token: BNB Chain<-> ETH

HADO: BNB Chain<-> Polygon<-> Avalanche

Staked Premia: ETH<-> Fantom <->Arbitrum

Wrapped sHUMP: BNB Chain<-> ETH<-> Polygon <->Avalanche<-> Fantom<-> Metis<-> Aurora

CroArmy: BNB Chain<-> Fantom<-> Cronos

Brokoli Seed: BNB Chain<-> Polygon<-> Telos

ShareToken: BNB Chain<-> ETH

OpenWorld: BNB Chain<-> Harmony

WalletNow: Huobi <->Fantom <->Polygon<-> BNB Chain

Oh!Finance: Avalanche<-> Fantom<-> Polygon

OBORTECH: BNB Chain<-> Polygon<-> ETH

Vinci: BNB Chain <->ETH


PolysportsToken: Polygon <->BNB Chain

Polars: BNB Chain<-> Huobi <->ETH <->Polygon

Okuru Token: BNB Chain <->ETH <->Polygon

Scorefam: BNB Chain<-> ETH <->Aurora

Crox Token: Huobi <->BNB Chain

ROOBEE: BNB Chain<-> Arbitrum<-> Polygon<-> Optimism<-> Avalanche<-> ETH

Organix Network Token: BNB Chain <->KCC

ZeroOne: BNB Chain<-> Conflux Network

Meta Interstellar Token: ETH<-> BNB Chain

DigiMetaverse: BNB<-> ETH


  • Multichain released MPC2.0, the fastMPC to further increase speed and enhance security.
  • Multichain released veMULTI mainnet, the governing scheme for multiDAO that allows MULTI holders to stake MULTI for veMULTI NFT and have the power to initiate and vote for the governance proposals.
  • Multichain courses have been listed on Binance Academy.
  • Multichain released the Q1 report.
  • Multichain launched Dual-Yield Liquidity Mining with SwappiDex on May 6th, with a total price of $1,000 USD in $PPI.


  • Multichain joined hands with DeRace for two rounds of Metaverse race.
  • Multichain collaborated with CLV and Seasonswap to hold the Cross-chain Event Session3, with a total prize of $35,000.
  • Multichain launched a one-week public veMULTI testing, with a total prize pool of 1000 veNFT.
  • Multichain held a Twitter giveaway event in collaboration with Aurigami and Amaterasu.
  • Multichain held a Twitter giveaway event with Dxlaunch in celebration of the partnership, with a total prize of $1000 worth of $DXL.
  • Multichain held a Twitter giveaway event with CLV and Seasonswap, with a total prize of $35,000.
  • Multichain held a Twitter Space with LI Finance.
  • Multichain joint ArcFinance in holding a Twitter space event with a total prize of $10,000 worth of $ARC.
  • Multichain held an AMA event with Dxlaunch, with a total reward of 500$ in $DXL.
  • Multichain held an AMA event with CLV, with a total reward of 500 $CLV.
  • Multichain initiated an AMA event with Swappi Dex, with a total prize pool of $3200 PPI.
  • Multichain held an AMA event with OpenLeverage, with a total prize pool of 2000 $OLE.
  • Multichain attended an AMA event in Benelux Crypto Community.
  • Multichain joined a Youtube interview with Mr.Masa.

About Multichain

Multichain was born as Anyswap on the 20th July 2020 to service the clear needs of different and diverse blockchains to communicate with each other. Multichain is now the leader in the cross-chain field, with a rapidly expanding family of chains (currently 48) and tokens (currently 2180).

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