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Multichain X LIFI X Krystal World Cup Campaign on Layer2

FIFA cross-chain journey — Round 2!

The world cup is in full swing! We’re feeling everyone’s enthusiasm in our first round World Cup cross-chain trip on layer2! So we decided to launch a 2nd session with our friends LI.FI and Krystal.

Here it comes! You may have a chance to get close to the World Cup super stars by holding NFTs in your hands.

Also, $3000 prize pool ($1000 in MULTI; $1000 in DAI supported by LiFi; $1000 in USDT supported by Krystal) is waiting for you!👋👋

Duration: Dec 8th 02:00 - Dec 21st 02:00 (UTC)

How to join?

— Task1: Bridge to Optimism/Arbitrum/Polygon via Multichain

  • Follow Multichain Twitter
  • Quote retweet Campaign
  • Bridge any tokens to Optimism/Arbitrum/Polygon (Minimum 20U required)
  • Being World cup ambassadors by dropping messages in Discord

— Task2: Bridge to Optimism/Arbitrum/Polygon via Li.Fi

— Task3: Swap on Krystal

  • Follow Krystal Twitter
  • Swap any tokens on Krystal on Optimism/Arbitrum/Polygon (Minimum 20U required)

You’ll open 1 mystery NFT box when you complete each task. Once you collect 3 NFTs, you’ll be able to forge the ultimate NFT, 100 lucky holders of which will share the $3000 prize pool!

More surprises await Ultimate NFT holders!

About Li.Fi

LI.FI is a cross-chain bridge aggregation protocol that supports any-2-any swaps by aggregating bridges and connecting them to DEX aggregators.

About Krystal

Krystal is a multi-chain wallet that simplifies & serves all of your DeFi needs. With the convenience of a single platform, users can swap and bridge tokens, earn passive income, access cutting-edge portfolio management & market insights tools, and participate in token sales via its IDO launchpad, KrystalGO.

About Multichain

Multichain promotes interoperability across different networks and actualizes smooth asset and value transfers as a cross-chain architecture. In addition, Multichain also powers the seamless data or message transmission across chains by anyCall, enabling the building of cross-chain Dapps.

Multichain is the leader in the cross-chain sector, with a constantly growing family of EVM and non-EVM chains (currently 79) and deployed bridges (currently 3,100+). Multichain, working hard to push the boundary of multi-chain, envisions to be the ultimate router for Web3.



An infrastructure for on-chain asset interoperability, envisioned to be the ultimate router for Web3

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Multichain (Previously Anyswap)

Cross-Chain Router Protocol (CRP), an infrastructure for cross-chain interoperability, envisioned to be the ultimate router for Web3