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One Week veMULTI Open Test Starting From Today!

Snapshot your “million MULTI” lock and get genuine veNFT

Hey guys! We promised that veMULTI would follow shortly after the completion of the code audit. Well now we’re excited to tell you veMULTI testnet is ready!

We’re inviting you to join us in the one-week open testing [APR 29 — MAY 5 8:00AM UTC]! We want your feedback to make sure it’s as awesome as possible. You may get the once in lifetime opportunity to be a million MULTI holder. Follow the guidance below to enjoy the financial freedom of veMULTI testnet. DON’T MISS OUT!

And here’s where things get crazy: Test to win the genuine veNFT!

What is veNFT?

Anyone who stakes MULTI will receive a veNFT of veMULTI, the power of which is determined by the MULTI amount and the locking duration. As per the scheme:

  • 1 MULTI locked for 4 years= 1.00 veNFT
  • 1 MULTI locked for 3 years= 0.75 veNFT
  • 1 MULTI locked for 2 years= 0.50 veNFT
  • 1 MULTI locked for 1 years= 0.25 veNFT

We prepared 1000 veNFT for 10 lucky testers! Each winner will be whitelisted for 100 veNFT when the veMULTI mainnet is officially launched.

1. The giveaway veNFTs will be locked for four years. Winners will be able to claim weekly rewards and withdraw the MULTI in four years.
2. veNFTs are transferable and tradable on the market.

To enter:

  1. Follow below guide to go through testing
  2. Tweet your lock snapshot with hashtags #veMULTI #MULTI
  3. Tag @MultichainOrg and 3 friends

Join Telegram to get the most up-to-date information!

BE THE FIRSTS to claim your test MULTI and complete the above missions. The earlier, the higher likelihood you are to be the winner!

  1. First 5 testers will get a million test tokens. One lucky test will win the veNFT.
  2. First 50 testers will get 50K test tokens. Three lucky tests will win the veNFT.
  3. First 150 testers will get 10K test tokens. Three lucky tests will win the veNFT.
  4. Rest will get 5K test tokens and three lucky tests will win the veNFT.

Additional rewards will also go to testers who provide authentic feedback and suggestions that are taken by the team. Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below our tweet or contact us through Telegram

Let’s get started with veMULTI Testing

veMULTI testing is simply divided into three parts — Lock, Claim, and Withdraw. We’ll walk you through the procedure step by step.

There are a few things you should do before you start veMULTI testing to make sure everything goes well.

  1. Fill in your wallet address via to request MULTI test tokens
  2. Request Rinkeby ETH from
  3. Visit and connect to Rinkeby Testnet and Metamask wallet

Part 1: Lock MULTI

1.1 Click ‘Create Lock’

1.2 Enter the token amount and click ‘Approve MULTI’

1.3 Select locking period and click ‘Lock’

Part 2. Claim Rewards

You will be able to claim prizes at any point throughout the lockout period and there will be no restriction on the times of claims you may make.

2.1 Click ‘Claim’

2.2 Click ‘Claim Reward’

2.3 Check USDC rewards by adding USDC test token address 0xD723a26Da0CB4C0044f99da34dd2a5Ba0F884Eb4 to your Metamask wallet

Step 3. Withdraw MULTI

MULTI can only be withdrawn after the expiration date.

Let’s joint hands to test veMULTI and make it a more powerful feature.

About veMULTI:

To foster the long-term growth of multiDAO, Multichain launched the veMULTI proposal. Future proposals will be made through veMULTI governance voting.

With the exception of the 10% bridge fees for the purpose of the Safety Fund, 50% of the remaining bridge fees will be distributed as incentives and dispersed every quarter in USD. This proportion of bridge fees from Q1 2022 will be distributed in Q2 2022 as rewards. Click here to learn more about veMULTI.



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