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Use Multichain to start your Arbitrum Odyssey with 0% cross-chain fee

Get veMULTI NFTs, earn juicy USDC rewards at 190% APR

Arbitrum Odyssey will officially start on Tuesday, June 21st, 2022 at 1 pm EST, with the prelude of bridge-week. According to the rules, by using any of the 19 bridges/CEXs including Multichain to transfer ETH into Arbitrum, players will be able to claim the first NFT after the bridge-week ends. Furthermore, those players who use the bridge with the most ETH spanning to Arbitrum will receive an extra NFT.

We are convinced that, of the 19 recommended bridge options, Multichain should be your first decision to begin Odyssey Journey. What gives us the confidence to say that?

  1. Transfer ETH to Arbitrum with 0% cross-chain fee during the bridge week
  2. 10 chains supported to intercorporate with Arbitrum, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Optimism, Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon, OKC, HECO, Cronos, KCC
  3. Bonus for the lucky Odyssey players who transfer ETH to Arbitrum via Multichain-

Let’s go deep into the juicy facts!

A total of 1000 veMULTI NFTs will be rewarded to the cross-chain users during the bridge week. The more ETH you transfer, the higher chance you will receive veMULTI.

  1. Top 3 Multichainers — 100 veMULTI each
  2. Top 4–10 Multichainers — 50 veMULTI each
  3. Top 11–20 Mutichainers — 35 veMULTI each

So, what does veMULTI NFT mean to you?

Answer: share Multichain bridge fees (USDC weekly rewards) through a four-year period

For example, according to the current APR of 190% and MULTI price, in addition to the 100MULTI itself, you will be able to claim about 11 USDC every week for the next four years, totaling 2,288 USDC, if you are a lucky recipient of 100 veMULTI.

Hurry up guys, Odyssey NFT(s) and veMULTI NFTs are within your grasp! Don’t miss this opportunity out to make your money!

How to bridge ETH to Arbitrum

1. Enter into Multichain “Router” page

2. Connect wallet

Multichain has supported many mainstream wallets including MetaMask, MetaX, Coin98, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, BitKeep, etc and MetaMask is used here as an example.

  1. Click Connect Wallet
  2. Select MetaMask wallet to connect. The connection is successful if your account address is displayed in the upper right corner.

3. Set up mainnet

The Ethereum mainnet is MetaMask’s default network. You can also switch to another network to bridge your ETH.

4. Cross-chain swap

  1. Confirm your source chain, Ethereum for example
  2. Select ETH asset
  3. Select Arbitrum
  4. Enter ETH amount
  5. Click the Swap button
Note: there is no need to go through ETH contract approval if the source chain is Ethereum, but if you switch to other chains and it’s your first time to bridge ETH via Multichain, you need to conduct a contract approval first and it’s a once-off process. 



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