veMULTI (One year old) Steps into 2023 Q2

Over $824K to be distributed

Multichain (Previously Anyswap)
2 min readApr 12, 2023


It’s been one year since the launch of veMULTI — MULTI staking mechanism (Stake MULTI to earn 45% bridging fee and participate in Multichain governance).

Let’s look back and check how the process went.

Around 30.14% circulating MULTI tokens have been locked as of Apr 12th, and how were the rewards distributed during the past year?

  • Rewards for Q2 2022: $3,901,975.04
  • Rewards for Q3 2022: $1,362,987.45
  • Rewards for Q4 2022: $939,695.67
  • Rewards for Q1 2023: $542,784.96

Total: $6,747,443.12

Moving forward -

Starting on April 13th, 2023, 45% of the Multichain cross-chain fees from 2023 Q1 will be distributed to all veMULTI holders across three different chains. Make sure to check the details to find out how you can benefit!

  • Q1 2023 Multichain bridge fees: $2,523,752.00
  • Q1 2023 Multichain bridge cost (gas fee): $692,328.00
  • Q2 2023 veMULTI rewards: $824,140.80


  • According to per agreed proposal, 10% of bridge fees will be set aside for Safety Fund.
  • veMULTI rewards were initially distributed in USDC. Due to the debug of the $USDC in 2023 Q1, MultiDAO will propose a discussion on the rewards token, with the Multichain Community making the final decision. Rewards will still be given out in USDC until the decision has been taken, though.

More information:

veMULTI Contract on Ethereum

veMULTI Contract on Fantom

veMULTI Contract on BNB chain

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