Why is it okay to be a non-Japanese “fan” of anime, but not a “creator” of it? (Post 3 July 3, 2017)

Anime Expo 2017 in Los Angeles, California draws in over 100 000 people. It’s so big now that it takes hours just to get in.

Anime “purists” can keep living in their bubble, but the future of the Japanese medium is evolving globally. With or without them.

www.themultifacet.com animated by Rune Entertainment Inc.

Yet despite this progress, there is still this discourse that unless it is hand drawn, subbed, and made exclusively by Japanese creators it can never be called anime.

People who love to show up in the comments on social media and their only contribution to creativity it to type the robotic, “but it’s not anime.”

Opening up the definition doesn’t take away the fact that anime will always be Japanese in origin, just like pizza’s genesis will be always linked to Italy. But pizza is now a global food and it would never have ascended to its massive popularity if we listened to Pizza Purists who still insist today that pizza is only pizza if its a margherita. That it can never be by the slice, be delivered, or have pineapples, or any of the other zillion pizza inspired innovations we debate each other about and see in every corner around the world.

Most pizza we eat doesn’t look like this, the world hasn’t ended.

Why can’t it ALL be anime?

We could be at the dawn of an entirely new industry of anime, at a time when the traditional anime industry is buckling under a conundrum. The demand for shows has never been hotter, yet the working conditions for animators and costs to produce quality shows is spiraling out of control.



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Nadir Shirazi

Lover of anime, and follower of Islam. Not sure which identity gets me stereotyped more:) Creator of MultiFacet Islamime (Islam + Anime) Project. islamime.com