Approximately ten years in to my teaching career, I as a male teacher, (and a male visible minority teacher….more on that in later post) have noticed that when I look around, we males are few and far in between. Very far! It’s a man’s world? Not in this world. Yes, traditionally for those of us that are at least aged 30 and above we are very likely to have journeyed throughout our school days with one….maybe two teachers that didn’t wear a dress or would be mistakenly be called “mom” by their students. However, one would think that with societal and cultural shifts and welcome changes to what are deemed gender roles/jobs that there would be some visible shift in the makeup of those in the teaching profession. Not so much. According to Dennis D’allessandro’s article on the discrepancy, the shortage of male teachers has become such an issue that the government has stepped in to put in place a framework that will ensure that more men are steered and hired into the teaching profession. Some of the numbers that he presents are even surprising to me. For example, of the 170,000 teachers that are registered, only 31 percent are male! That doesn’t even mean that all those teacher even have regular teaching jobs. I can’t be certain but I would bet that most of that 31 percent are secondary school teachers.

All this being said, being one of the few needles in a haystack has its benefits! There are just some joys that men in other professions just miss out on, and I won’t apologize for that at all! So, here are my top 4 benefits (that no male would admit out loud) of being a male teacher at an elementary school.

1. Endless free food!

I don’t know how many times I have been the recipient of freshly baked cookies and hot lunches (actually dinners), but it seems like you can’t go a week without being force fed a meal from a ‘teacher-mom.’

2. Dressing down.

There have been countless times that I’ve seen a female teacher unfairly being given looks so cold for ‘dressing down’ by their administrators (and other female teachers) that they could freeze ice in hell, for ‘dressing down’. All this while I walk by in t-shirt, jogging pants, and sneakers…..and I don’t even teach gym!

3. Gossip headquarters

I can’t understand the phenomenon behind this one but for some reason all the female teachers in the school bombarded me with all the happenings of the other teachers in and out of school. I have gathered enough intel to start writing a novel….or at least a Netflix TV series!

4. Instant classroom management

Not to say that female teachers do not have this super power, but more often than not, I find that we males can pretty much curb unruly behaviour with merely giving a death stare at a kid. That, plus the fact that we’re usually bigger than most of the students and can just rely on physical posturing to let a kid know that, hey, if I wanted, I could beat you up.

But let’s hear your top 4 best or worst things about being a male teacher

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