A day to Remember

Hassan’s parents and him decided to travel in 1985 to Cyprus for 4 days during the civil war in Lebanon to check up his first brother that was continuing his studies there, and he left in Beirut his siblings (sister and brother) . When they arrived to Larnaka- Cyprus, the third day they heard that the international Beirut airport was shelled so they stayed for one month in Cyprus just waiting for the airport to open again. After the re-opening of the airport, they had to go back to Lebanon because they were worried about their family. Finally, they arrived to Haret Hreik while crossing boundaries and they saw their home bombed so his mom started crying thinking that his sister and brother died. Lucky them, their neighbor saw and told them that their family ( brother and sister) escaped and went to their village (Jnoub-Nabatiye). They followed them to the village and happiness fulfilled the whole house.