Civil War Storymap.


“Non-Lebanese military and paramilitary forces retain significant influence over much of the country. Palestinian groups hostile to both the Lebanese government and the US operate largely autonomously inside refugee camps in different areas of the country. Intra communal violence within the camps has resulted in violent incidents such as shootings and explosions.” These news can briefly explains what was going on during the Lebanese Civil War. Before telling the story through this story map I would like to link this work to today’s world. While looking over studies and topics related to the civil war I realized the history we were never taught in our schools is repeating itself but in a smoother way. Hatred between each other due to religion or politics is not vanished, what differs only is that both sides are afraid from a first step because the game here is much easier. No government to obey, much leaders to walk after! During the civil war , they killed each other according to their religion on the IDs! Those who gave the commands to kill are well known, those who were the reason of all the madness Lebanon went through during the civil war are well know, but what aches is that they’re still found till this day! They’re still commanding and we’re still obeying! Even if one leaves, his/her children won’t leave the chair. When I sat with the person I’ll interview in this project I got shocked with the quantity of pain found inside his eyes due to wars and death, but he never say he regrets the war because at the end he was part of it. Non of the citizens were satisfied with this war, they all were obeying leaders who were the only ones who needed such a war to reach their benefits and advantages. This project shows the story map of the civil war in Lebanon from the day in began till the day it ended passing through some important stages of the war. The events will be shown in pictures with a brief explanations and a video is included. At the End I interviewed a person who will share us his bad experience through-out the civil war. Hoping this country will wake up someday and the memory of the civil war won’t cross it’s limits of being a memory only, the project was established. “Identity is memory. Identities forged out of half-remembered things or false memories easily commit transgressions.” -Jose Zalaquett Krog, Country of My Skull, 32.

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