Ballet Dancer

This story centers around Nicole, who shares what it’s like under the demands of being a ballet dancer. Although the film itself could’ve been shot better and I didn’t like it overall considering we saw too much of her feet, I liked some of the close up shots of her prepping her shoes. For my pitch, I reached out to a ballet dancer with the Dance Alive National Ballet Co. here in Gainesville named Leo. Although I would want to shoot him getting ready, and more so actually dancing, rehearsing for his future events, as well as capturing what ballet/dance means to him and how it plays a role in his story. Just from our Facebook conversation, he told me his parents still aren’t supportive of him being a dancer, and he moved here from Virginia to pursue company work with Dance Alive, and he hopes to join a bigger company in the future. The shelf life of a dancer could also be mentioned.

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