I chose to share Alexa Lewis’s video because it was emotional and informative. Not many people get to see the lives of people with Alzheimer’s. I felt that the B-roll was creative and it added great visuals to the story that she told. For example, when the lady was taking care of the teddy bear by tucking it in. I particularly liked the part where there was the head of the bed and in the next clip a teddy bear appears. At first I was confused as to why Lewis used this but as I pondered over the concept I interpreted it as confusion much like the patient feels. I loved how she used the audio of the lady singing throughout the video. It was touching how she added the emotional moment of the granddaughter crying. However, I didn’t like that she abruptly cut to a different clip. I thought that this was visually jarring. I liked how Lewis choose to add the footage of the granddaughter telling the story about how her grandmother thought that she stole her underwear to go buy candy. I noticed in some clips the audio was distorted and not very smooth. There where other parts were there was buzzing and then it went silent. This is a good reminder to be careful with audio and pay attention to jump cuts. Other than those few things, I felt this video was great!