Wireless bungee

There were a few different ways the videographer could have told this story, but because he decided to make it a character-driven narrative piece I think it’s relevant for this class. The story begins with the scientist who explains the magnet technology while tension is built up with the supporting music.

The narrative leads into the guy who is actually going to take the plunge. There are a few interesting shots midway through the video where the scientist is watching as the “plunger” is doing his daily workouts. It works as part of the composition, but definitely seems staged.

By using a documentary narrative the video creates an interesting tension that gets you excited for the moment of the first jump. I could see this as a buzzfeed type video where there’s the guy magnet bungee jumping with pop music for 30 seconts. I think the story is worth the extra depth and I like how the videographer went about doing so.