Day 11 — Audio slideshows

Audio slideshows are next. Here’s some examples to get you started thinking.


1 in 8 million project, Lynn True — NYT. Good audio slideshows in this project, this is just one example. Photos match the audio and the audio is edited so there’s no dead spaces.

I had to let my garden go” — NYT. We hear the dry leaves crunch.

Masterclass Resolve — Tampa Bay Times. The violin runs through the whole thing. We see him performing outside, but the actual interview was conducted in a quiet room.

Mosaic water problems — Tampa Bay Times. Notice when they go outside and you can hear them crunching leaves, moving equipment and collecting water.


Wanted to show you folks some examples of audio slideshows produced by students in other classes. All of these examples are imperfect. Like everything we do, there’s room for improvement. But some of them have some good things going on.