Beth Zastawny Discusses Nonprofit MS Programs Making A Difference

Beth Zastawny
Apr 15 · 2 min read

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is commonly referred to as the most widespread disabling neurological condition of young adults in the world. With recent findings estimating that nearly one million people in the U.S. are living with MS, it’s not hard to see why.

As a successful CFO for companies big and small, Beth Zastawny has given back her time through volunteering with organizations including Junior Achievement and Big Brothers/Big Sisters that help kids facing obstacles. She also supports nonprofit groups, including the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, which makes a difference in the life of people that live with the neurological disease, both children and adults.

Programs that Improve Lives

As an active donor to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Beth Zastawny knows it has a number of programs aimed at improving the quality of life for those with MS.

For example, the assistive technology program helps with funding for those in need of mobility devices, but also covers other areas such as aids for sight/hearing, computer aids, and more. Speaking of computers, the foundation also has a computer program aimed at providing computers to those with MS with financial barriers. This can help patients stay informed and connected through technology.

Helping Patients Keep Their Cool

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation also offers the cooling program, which provides items that helps those with MS be more active in warm conditions that can often make their symptoms worse, explains Beth Zastawny.

These items include cooling vests, wristbands and more designed to help patients manage the heat. Meanwhile, the nonprofit Multiple Sclerosis Association of America also has a cooling distribution program that benefits adults and kids.

Raising Awareness for Children Affected by MS

Although MS is often thought of as an adult disease, about 10,000 cases in the U.S. are in patients under 18 years old. It’s also harder to pinpoint in children in some cases and may progress more slowly.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society publishes a Keep S’myelin activity book for kids to give them an additional resource to learn more and talk with their parents about their condition.

Beth Zastawny on Nonprofits Making a Positive Impact

As an avid supporter of the MS community, Beth Zastawny dedicates her resources and time to nonprofits that support MS patients.

These organizations make a profound difference in the lives of those living with the disease, including children, she adds.

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