MS | BVT & Incontinence | Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Bee Venom Therapy For Incontinence?

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Can I Use Bee Venom Therapy For Incontinence ? | MS | BVT & Incontinence | Multiple Sclerosis | FAQ

Incontinence is an annoying and often inconvenient symptom of MS. As if it weren’t bad enough that multiple sclerosis can often make you feel like you are constantly slipping and losing control after just having gained a few small victories. Incontinence is a problem all MSers can do well without.




All of the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How questions and concerns you can think of about Multiple Sclerosis.

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Barb Ann Johnson

Barb Ann Johnson

Alaskan, who used Bee Venom Therapy to keep MS symptoms under control. Become a Medium member — Read Anytime — (affiliate links)

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