My Interview On The Inaugural Alexa Conference, Voice First Roundtable.

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I was the inaugural guest on the Voice First Roundtable and it was a great experience. The VoiceFirst Roundtable is a new podcast hosted by Bradley Metrock. Bradley’s company, Score Publishing also holds the Alexa Conference, the first independent conference for Voice First. So it is was natural for Bradley to start VoiceFirst.FM, a visionary network of a number of Voice First shows. I think we will see a lot from Braley and VoiceFirst.FM. Bradley said, “we examine the emergence of voice-first technology and how it is impacting every facet of modern life. It started with the individuals and organizations whose content we publish, asking us: ‘What is the deal with Alexa, Siri, and these other technologies? Is that something we should be using to either promote our books, or create new versions of our books?” That question led to discovering so-called “voice first” technology — technology that uses voice as the primary input — is vital to the future of the publishing industry.

Join us for the inaugural Voice First Roundtable podcast. I dive into the true Voice First Virtual Assistant and what it means for you and I and humanity:


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