Podcast: What Is Workflow And Why Did Apple Just Buy Them?

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From HyperCard To Workflow, Apple Puts Power In The Hands Of The Users.

In the 131st issue of the Around The Coin podcast, Mike Townsend and myself explore the details of why Apple acquired Workflow and what it means to the Voice First revolution. In summary, it is my postulation that Workflow will be deeply linked into iOS or become part of it. I also am certain Apple will have APIs for developers to open their apps to connect inputs and outputs to Workflow. Finally there is little doubt Apple will interconnect Workflow to Siri as a very powerful way for even the casual user will be able craft their own recipes that will pretty much make any iOS user into a programmer.

This concept started 30 years ago with the release of HyperCard by Apple. Hypercard had HyperScript and this was the early start of user tools that allowed for powerful min apps to be created. With Workflow Apple is coming back home in full circle and this time it will help spark the Voice First revolution.

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